Welcome to the Lake Pend Oreille Idaho Club!

Welcome to Lake Pend Oreille Idaho Club (LPOIC). Our club is dedicated to protecting and enhancing our lake. We are primarily a fishing club, but have a vested interest in keeping our lake in pristine condition through the help of many other groups and volunteers.


Charlie Miller

The 2021 LPOIC Fall Thanksgiving Derby was a success. Some days were slow, and we didn’t see the anticipated 30lb winner, but a 25lb patch monster looks to have taken first place. Even better, all placing Rainbows (1st through 4th) swam off to get even bigger, spawn more offspring and hopefully provide future LPO anglers with a a thrill of a lifetime!

The Mack fishing was improved and seemed consistent.

Thanks to all our sponsors, anglers, ticket outlets & weighmasters. You all are the best!

Here are the preliminary final standings, pending verification:

Adult Rainbow Division

1. Charlie Miller 25.90 lbs. 36.50 inches (released)

2. Lindsay Barker 24.20 lbs. 37 1/4 inches (released)

3. Steve Wold 23.85 lbs. 37 inches (released)

4. Justin Teegarden 23.37 lbs. 37 inches (released)

Adult Mackinaw

1. Jennifer Verdal 20.7 lbs. 38 1/4 inches

2. Zac Taylor 17.39 lbs. 36 inches

3. James Carothers 14.05 lbs. 33 inches

4. Michael Mitale 11.12 lbs. 29 1/4 inches

5. Gale Belgarde Sr. 10.45 lbs. 29 1/4 inches

6. Bert Dennett 10.21 lbs. 28 inches

7. Brad Sturgis 7.75 lbs. 27 3/4 inches

8. Damian Vess 7.10 lbs. 27 inches

9. Becky Sturgis 7.05 lbs. 26 3/4 inches

10. Dave Janicki 6.10 lbs. 24 1/2 inches

Mackinaw of the Day

Saturday 11/20 21 – Jennifer Verdal

Sunday 11/21/21 – James Carothers

Monday 11/22/21- Gale Belgarde Sr.

Tuesday 11/23/21 – Gale Belgarde Sr.

Wednesday 11/24/21 – Gale Belgarde Sr.

Friday 11/26/21 – Mike Mitale

Saturday 11/27/21 – James Carothers

Sunday 11/28/21 – Greg Neisinger

Youth A

1. Fisher LaRue 33.75 inches Rainbow (released)

2. Savannah O’Hara 32 inches Rainbow (released)

2. Cruz Conces 31 1/8 inches Rainbow (released)

Youth B

1. Savannah Long 31 1/2 inches Rainbow (released)

2. Liberty O’Hara 25 inches Rainbow (released)

3. Thomas Landingham 22 inches Rainbow (released)


1. Damian Porter 12.68 lbs. 32 1/2 inches (released)

Jenn Verdal

Photo Contest Winner

We try to pick photos that really represent the essence of a Derby. Usually that involves a giant fish and the radiant smile of a proud angler. We always get lots of incredible landscape pictures…and with today’s cell phone cameras and all the magical beauty of LPO, it is hard not to choose one. But, we still usually choose fish pictures. However, this particular picture from Brad Shelton really captured a bluebird day on the lake with a low sun and flat seas & a contrail to boot! Just beautiful. Congrats Brad on your winning photo for the 2021 Fall Derby!


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Lake Pend Oreille has the distinguished honor of giving up 3 Idaho State record fish, two of which are world records. In 1947, Wes Hamlet boated a 37 lb. Rainbow, commonly referred to as a Kamloops or Gerrard Rainbow. This fish still remains the world record in it’s category. In 1949, Nelson Higgins landed a 32 lb. Bull Trout (currently protected under the Endangered Species Act) and remains the world record. In 2010, Dale Hofmann caught a 6 lb. 8 oz. 26 inch Lake Whitefish, currently an Idaho State record.

Many other species of fish can be caught on Lake Pend Oreille, but the primary fishery LPOIC is concerned with is the Gerrard Rainbow and it’s number one food source, Kokanee. To read more about the fishery, you can find a nicely written article in Sandpoint Magazine.

To become a member and help to maintain Lake Pend Oreille as a destination for trophy size fish, please visit our membership page.

**Come get involved. General Meetings are held the second Wednesday of the month. With COVID issues, please check our Facebook page ( Facebook Page) for updates when (and where) the next meeting will be held. Board Meetings are the fourth Wednesday of the month.