Windy Winter Fishing


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    I took the Hewescraft out this morning, launching at Farragut. The ramp is in good shape. I faught strong wind and cold all day. I pulled plugs on the downriggers most of the day with not even a strike. I tried surface plugs as well with no luck. I marked quiet a few fish at 200 and some st 75. Didn’t see any Kokanee schools? Still a beautiful day and better than sitting at home.

    I’m new to the club and fishing Lake Pend Oreille. I hope to fish for Kokanee later in the year. Any suggested locations for Kokanee would be appreciated? What channel do folks use on the vhf?



    Most folks will stay on 16 and move to 9 when they are visiting with another fisherman. Kokanee will be scattered all over early in the season. Later I have my best luck on the south end from cape horn down to Bayview.

    Even with winter fishing you might want to pull some flies on the top for Rainbow. We do quite well most years pulling flies off the boards during December, January and early February. I haven’t had quite as good a luck pulling plugs in the winter, at least not on the surface.

    I fish mostly the south end of the lake so if you ever have a question feel free to shoot me an email.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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