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    Barbara Gillespie

    2018 LPOIC members eligible for Nomination of the 2019-2020 Elections once they become 2019 members.

    Attendance of six (6) or more Member or Board meetings in the previous calendar year is required to qualify to run for election as an LPOIC Officer or Member of the Board of Directors.

    Dave Gillespie 23
    Dale Greene 23
    Kevin Elmore 23
    Barb Gillespie 22
    Grant Hillen 20
    Dave Ivy 20
    James Mullen 19
    Clint Nicholson 18
    Gale Belgarde Sr. 17
    Elton Dawson 12
    Larry Eng 11
    Kevin DaVault 10
    Don Endicott 7
    Will Crook 7
    Dan Harder 7
    Gary Thompson 7
    Tom Mahler 7

    Three (3) people were very close

    Jake Howerton 5
    Ray Bird 5
    Zac Taylor 5

    Thanks to all that came to any meetings in 2018. We appreciate the fact that you came and hope you will feel like coming back in 2019. We look forward to seeing you again!

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