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    Barbara Gillespie

    Special Board Meeting 10-3-18

    Attending: Dale Greene, James Mullen, Kevin DaVault, Larry Eng, Barb Gillespie, Dave Gillespie, Dave Ivy, Clint Nicholson, Gale Belgarde Sr., Kevin Elmore, Grant Hillen, and Will Crook.

    Halloween Derby
    Money deposited yesterday from Halloween Derby $3100 minus $475 for invitation expenses.
    Mary needs more large bags, Dave and Barb G. brought bags for Dave I.
    Dave and Barb G. will help at Mary’s Friday 3 to 5 PM. Kevin E. volunteered to help also.

    See if Clint N. can get default for online memberships changed to Adult rather than Platinum. He says will look into cost, programming out of his area.

    Freezer is at Odies. Thanks to Kevin E. , Grant H. and Dave G.

    State Board and Officer report due in October. Dale G. will file without VP Clint N.(resigned before filed)

    Submit Dave and Barb Gillespie’s Resignation. Copy for Records.
    Dave I. requested explanation of reason they resigned. Differences in monetary policy. They are for restraint on Derby prizes to maintain money for needed projects. Other reasons for resignation. Need to have others step up and take on these two positions. Been at it for too long.

    Submit Clint’s Nicholson’s resignation effective 09-29-18.

    Spoke with Will Crook to see if he is still interested in committing to becoming LPOIC Treasurer. He is serious and will go over program with Dave G when he is appointed.

    Who will step up to serve as President and Vice President? Kevin E. volunteered to RUN the next meeting, NOT as President.

    Clint N. explained his resignation as response to Dave and Barb”s not staying until normal transition time. He will not be President. He has way less time available than before. Offer still stands to complete normal period if Gillespie’s will. They declined.

    Kevin E. reported on recent developments on the Nolan/Blackstone suit. They offered to drop their class action suit against LPOIC if we would make them eligible for membership and allow them to compete in the Halloween Derby. Nolan is suing for 1st place money in Derbies he was blocked from and probably would have won. We did not respond.

    Barbara Gillespie

    Typo: Should read 10.3.18

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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