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    Barbara Gillespie

    LPOIC Members Meeting 9-14-16

    Attending: Dale Greene, Barb Gillespie, Dave Gillespie, Dave Ivy, Clint Nicholson, James Mullen Elton Dawson, Victor Jacobson and Mary Thompson.

    Correspondence: Lakes Commission Meeting Agenda

    Mack of the Month: Dale Greene won August with a 7.42# 26” Mack. He is also leading September with a 7.64# 26”.

    Old Business: Final list of LPOIC Officers and Board Members for 2016-2017.
      President-Barb Gillespie-Appointed by Board 8-24-16
      Vice President-Clint Nicholson-Elected by Members July 2016
      Secretary-Dale Greene-Elected by Members July 2016
      Treasurer-Dave Gillespie-Appointed by Board 8-24-16
      Board-Dale Snipes-Elected by Members July 2016
      Board-Kevin DaVault-Elected by Members July 2016
      Board-James Mullen-Elected by Members July 2015
      Board-Steven Klappenbach-Elected by Members July 2015   
      Board- Kevin Elmore-Elected by Members July 2015
      Board-Dave Ivy-Elected by Members July 2015

      Clint N. mentioned we should be keeping an eye out for potential Board Members, possibly among previously disgruntled Members.

    List of Projects Happening Now:
      Hatchery Workday Pump:
         Dale G. checked at Sandpoint Marine about pump hoses and accessories. Can get for cost.
         Kevin DaV. was to check with North 40 on a possible discount on a pump. Kevin was not at this meeting.Dale G. checked retail, in range of $550 to $650.
      LPOIC Stance on Fishery Recovery:Clint N. and Dave G. : Need consistent message and state it at every public meeting. Include history of Patch Fish and IF&G promise to rebuild Gerrard population if LPOIC supported the AIP.
      Possible new Derby for next year-Discussion- thoughts brought up so far:
         Largest Northern Pike, Walleye and Mack and biggest aggregate weight for each species.
         Possible Name of Derby: Dam to Dam Derby
         Have a Contest for Name? A prize?
         Time of year? Late May,early June?
         Any new thoughts?
      Door Prizes for each of our Members Events? Discussion
         Possible Events:Annual Pin Auction. Each Awards Ceremony,Picnic, Hatchery Cleanup and each Members Meeting.
         Dollar amount of door prizes, how many per event?
      Members Only Derby-September 17 and 18,2016.
         Dave Ivy Derby Master.
         Derby ends 18th at 3:00 PM sharp!
         Awards Ceremony and dinner held at Captn’s Table in Garfield Bay.
         Dinner starts at 5:00 PM
         Awards start at 5:45 PM
         $10 of entry fee goes toward meal at Mary’s, not drinks.
         Need volunteers to bring packets from weigh stations to Captn’s Table.

    New Business:
      Dave G. says Indemnity Insurance due. Summit Insurance bill went from $750 to $919 this year. Clint N. checking two other bids, no time to waste.
      Deadline for Fall Newsletter? Busy time of year for Ryan he needs a couple of weeks to work on it if possible. All Articles to Ryan by October 1st. Out by November 1st.
      LPOIC.org and LPOIC.info: Clint N.Says Network Solutions about $100 ayear as opposed to about $12 to $16 with Go Daddy handling it. Authorized changeover.
      Making MOD into Ross Milliken Members Only Derby.
      Halloween Derby is being dedicated to Rick Merz and Ross Milliken.

    Tackle Share/Fish Stories

    Next Members Meeting October 12, 2016 at Connie’s Cafe at 6:30 PM. Special Speaker Andy Dux, Regional Fishery Manager IDF&G.

    Next Board Meeting September 28, 2016 at Connie’s Cafe at 6:30 PM

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