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    Barbara Gillespie

    LPOIC Members Meeting 7-13-16

    Attending: Dale Greene, Dave Gillespie, Barb Gillespie, Clint Nicholson, Boyd Founds, Kevin DaVault and Dave Ivy.

    Correspondence:  Pend Oreille Water Festival Thank You for the club’s donation to the event.

    Minutes of 6-8-16: Read by Dale G. and accepted.

    Mack of the Month: June won by Gale Belgarde Jr. 18.88 pounds. Nothing for July.

    Old Business:
      Annual Picnic 7-16-16:
         Held at the park in Garfield Bay. Begins at noon. Hamburgers, hot dogs,smokies,buns, condiments,utensils,paper plates,napkins,soft drinks and water supplied by the Club. Bring a side dish of your favorite picnic salads or other meats, big enough to share with others.Bring your own lawn chairs and any lawn game you would like to share with others.
         Dave Ivy has offered his grill and superior cooking techniques.
         Dave Ivy has offered his horse shoe set.
         Someone needs to get to the park early enough to secure a spot. Dave I. volunteered.
         Dave and Barb G. will get paper goods and items from the storage unit and purchase the needed food and items supplied by the Club.
      Sullivan Springs Cleanup: 7-30-2016?
         Need to know who is committed to doing this project so can inform Ken Bouwens of ID F&G that we are serious and want to take part and so he can then plan on how many of his people he will need to schedule. Dave G., Kevin D.and Dale G. so far.
      Hatchery Work Day: 8-13-2016 8:00 AM
         Clark Fork Fire Dept.? James Mullen checking.
         Do we need to rent pumps? Yes, Dale G. will look into.
         Should we contact Julie Williams to see about her volunteer kids from the school?
         Club will buy belt for Dave I. mower to clear between fish runs.
         Kevin D. will check with Jerry Justice about borrowing a pump.
      Members Only Derby: 9-17-2016, need poster.

    New Business: None.

    Tackle Share Auction/ Fish Stories:Clint N. $10 fo Dale G. Rod and Downrigger Ball dredged up.

    Next Members Meeting; 8-10-16 Connie’s 6:30 PM.

    Next Board Meeting: 7-27-16 Connie’s 6:30 PM.

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