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    Barbara Gillespie

    LPOIC Members Meeting 5-10-17

    Attending: Dale Greene, Barb Gillespie, Dave Gillespie, Gale Belgarde Sr., Grant Hillen, Ryan Schaefer, Dave Ivy, Kevin Elmore and Kerry Diminyatz.

    Correspondence: None

    Minutes of 4-12-17: Read by Dale G. and accepted.

    Mack of the Month for April and so far for May: Dale G. incorrectly reported Becky Morrison 19.72# from April 29 as winner, but actually Randy Mikels 19.92# on April 30 won. Scott Plue’s Derby winning 23.34# 36” Mack leads May.

    Guest Speaker: Molly McCahon -Lakes Commission Program Coordinator gave a presentation on invasive species (esp. clams) and steps being taken to deal with them.

    Old Business:
      Possibly need larger cooler for Derby fish.
      Trophies for youth are ordered.
      Derby Participation: 339 adults, 50 youth and 19 juniors. 69 new members from auction and packets.$1965 from sale of 67 pins $7780 gross from Auction.

    New Business:
      Dale G. trophies from Eydee (255-1693) Friday, trays and fish from freezer Saturday.
      Awards Ceremony at Bonner Mall Saturday starting at 7:00 PM.
      Next Event will be LPOIC Picnic and election results July 15, 2017.
         Starting at noon at Garfield Bay Park.   
         Ideas or suggestions on ways to get improved attendance.
         Ballots will be mailed prior to 6-1-17  to all members who are in good standing as of 4-30-17.

    Tackle Share Auction: None

    Door Prize: Won by Dave Gillespie, Docking Ropes.

    Next Members Meeting 6-14-17 at Connie’s at 6:30 PM

    Next Board Meeting 5-24-17 at Connie’s at 6:30 PM

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