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    Barbara Gillespie

    LPOIC Members Meeting 4-14-21 Fairgrounds

    Attending: Dale Greene, Ryan Roslak, Dave Gillespie, John Spence, Nancy Spence, Bud Bedry, Elton Dawson, Carter Sandahl, Christine Sandahl, Kevin Elmore, James Mullen, Donny Endicott and Melanie Endicott.

    Minutes from 3-10-21 skimmed through(laptop issue)

    Mack of the Month March: Dale Greene 7.19# won.

    Correspondence: Larry Eng bid on pin. Scholarship info from Sandpoint High School.

    Management Committee info from Ryan Roslak: $60,000,000 spent by Avista to build a fish elevator around Cabinet Gorge Dam to serve Protected Bull trout. Gather, elevate, seperate species, check out and either release above dam or truck to a tributary. Due to be done Spring 2022.
    Walleye: Shocking river and lake. Netting and pit tags. Migrate a LOT. 10 drawings for $100 a month. Tagged worth $1000. Lots of pressure to let Walleye run wild.
    Northern Pike. Tribes showing most concern down river.
    Mackinaw suppression effort staying. Avista will keep funding heads and Derby Prizes.
    Avista field station at Trestle Creek done this year. Trestle Creek road improvement to cut sediment in creek.
    Funding a Game Warden on the lake for both education and enforcement.

    Auction-snacks to be brought by Christine and Carter Sandahl. John and Nancy Pence to sell Club clothing. Dave Gillespie and Kevin Elmore rounding up new updated forms .

    5-5-21 count and verify Weigh slips, Derby tickets and Membership forms at 6:30 at the Fairgrounds.

    Weigh Masters 7AM to 7pm except the last Sunday close at 6pm.

    Newsletters will arrive at the end of the week.

    Derby Masters: Dave G. both Saturdays; Kevin E. Sunday, Friday, Sunday; Donny E. Monday, Thursday: James Mullen Tuesday, Wednesday(tentative, clients)

    100# scale back to Odies(replaced strain gauge)

    Pin Pre-bids: Check emails, check with Dave G. or Kevin E.

    Auctioneer: Jeff Sater.

    Tackle Share: James Mullen supplied #4, 301 model Canadian Flag Lyman. Bought by Bud Bedry for $20. Dave Gillespie Supplied a Frisky Jenny Demon Fly that went to Carter Sandahl for $10. Also supplied a 2Gills Demon Fly that went to Donny Endicott for $10.

    Food Bank Donation.

    Door Prize won by James Mullen $30 gift certificate at North 40.

    Next Members Meeting 5-12-21 at Fairgrounds at 6:30pm.

    Next Board Meeting 5-26-21 at Fairgrounds at 6:30pm.

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