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    Barbara Gillespie

    LPOIC Members Meeting 4-13-16

    Attending: Dale Greene, Joe Malthaner, Clint Nicholson, Stephen Klappenbach, Donny Endicott, Don Hale, Mary Marienau, Jake Howerton, Elton Dawson, Clifford Hackney, Rama Payne, Kevin DaVault, Kevin Elmore, Dave Ivy, Larry Eng, Dale Snipes,Dave Gillespie, Barb Gillespie, Cory LaRue and Chuck Cary.

    Speaker Andy Dux of IDFG:

    1 Kokanee spawning channel at Sullivan Springs needs summer clean up, July or August. To help rake and clean up, contact Andy or Ken Bowden.

    2 Potentially Club sponsor Temp to assist spawning at Sullivan Springs. Could run $3-4,000.

    3 F&G looking for historical fish records. Patch Fish, Derby Winners and Fish Logs.

    Question from Craig about using Old Sandpoint Hatchery to raise pure Gerards. Response: Water too cold, facility not manned around the clock and no proven need as yet.

    James M. argued there are not enough rainbows. Three days straight and only Browns, Macks and Bull Trout.



    Minutes from 3-9-16: Dale G. read and accepted.

    Mack of the Month: Dale G. reported Bert Dennett won March 31” 13.32# caught 3-22-16. No April entry yet.

    Old Business:

    Spring Derby/Pin Auction Update

    Donation Update: James M. read donation list.

    Super 1: James Mullen reported food not ordered yet.

    Does anyone need fish bags for the weigh stations?

    Freezer to Holiday Shores before Derby, Need volunteers:Steve K. and James M.

    Derby Masters? Dave I. North and Kevin E. South.

    Fish to Holiday Shores on May 3rd? Kevin E.

    Volunteers for packet gathering and fish verification: James M. andBarb G.

    Order Trophies at Bonner Awards: Dave G. and Barb G.

    PIck up and deliver trophies to Awards Ceremony: Dale G.

    Pick up Youth Division rizes and deliver to Awards: Kevin E.

    Order and deliver cake for Awards; Clint N.

    Deliver fish from Holiday Shores to Awards: Dale G.

    Help to set up at Awards.

    Borrow Dave I. Amp? Yup.

    New Memberships, Weigh Tickets and Derby Tickets: Clint N.

    New Business: None.

    Next Members Meeting 5-11-16 Connie’s Cafe 6:30 PM: Derby Critique.
    Next Board Meeting 5-25-16 Connie’s Cafe 6:30 PM.

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