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    Barbara Gillespie

    LPOIC Members Meeting 3-9-22 Boondox Bar and Grill

    Attending: Dale Greene, Gale Belgarde, Dan Harder, Doug Sheldon, Mike Mattes, Dennis McGlothlin, Paul Kinkead, Roger Blackstone, James Mullen, Carter Sandahl, Christine Sandahl, Dave Gillespie and Barb Gillespie.

    Minutes from 2-9-22 handed out and accepted.

    Mack of the Month for February and March so far: February won by Dale Greene 10.06 lbs. So far March Carter Sandahl 10.58 lbs.

    Old Business: Asking members that feel they can, step up to help with projects of the club and help make sure they are completed from start to finish.

    New Business:
    Vote for Silver Platter 2021
    Online Pin Auction with some larger items
    April 1st to 9th explain online and list items.
    Then actual auction online for a week (about 9-17)
    Around the 20th ship out pins
    Still initial pin minimum bid of $20.

    LPOIC Spring Derby 4-23-22 thru 5-1-22— Winnings will be mailed out
    Sponsors needed for Catch and Release bonus Valley Studio – 1st Place and (so far Roger Blackstone $200, Doug Sheldon $200. Dan Harder $100 combine for 2nd Place)
    Sponsors needed for 7th thru 9th places Mackinaw (Dale Greene 6th)
    Sponsor for Brown Trout $100
    Sponsor for Photo Contest $100
    Sponsors for 8 Mack of the Day $150 (Ralph Lotspeich Day 1)
    Youth A & B Catch and Release Bonus Sponsors (total $ collected split)
    Two more Weigh Masters (Cheri Belgarde Holiday Shores, Possibly James from North 40 for Garfield)
    Weighing from 9AM to 6PM, Possibly late weigh in at Garfield except last day

    Open Forum

    Fish Stories

    Local Food Bank Contribution

    Door Prize: Drawings for Club rulers to make accurate fish measurements: Dan Harder, Dave Gillespie and Barb Gillespie won and distributed them to those in need.

    Next Member Meeting 4-13-22 5:30 PM at Boondoxs Bar and Grill Cocolalla
    Next Board Meeting 5-25-22 5:30 PM at Boondoxs Bar and Grill Cocolalla

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