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    Barbara Gillespie

    LPOIC Members Meeting 2-10-16

    Attending: Dale Greene, Don Hale, Dave Gillespie, Barb Gillespie, Steven Anderson, Kevin DeVault, Rama Payne, Greg Smith, Bob Smith, James Mullen, Ron Keller, Kevin Elmore, Stephen Klappenbach, Elton Dawson, Jake Howerton and Mary Marienau.

    Correspondence: None.

    Minutes from 1-13-16: Dale G. read and they were accepted.

    Mack of the Month for January: Dale G. reports he won at 18.54 pounds.

    Mack of the Month for February: Dale G. reports he is leading at 10.8 pounds.

    Speaker- Presentation by Rama Payne of Poster Gorilla: Makes large posters from digital photos such as Android or I-Phones. Works best with more nearly square format of I-Phone, but many Androids can select that format. Approximate retail $30 w/shipping. Proposed offering a code to give $2 to the club and $2 off to the purchaser. Handed out cards w/E-Mail address. Will discuss more at Board Meeting.

    LPOIC Pin Status- Sample Pin was approved and was ordered on 1-19-2016. Have already come in!

    Reminder for Spring Newsletter Deadline of all Articles and Pictures to be sent to Ryan Roslak BY 2-19-2016!!

    Slot Size for Derby? Minimum length or weight? Kevin E. proposed minimum length for weigh in. Dave G. 2nd. Four yes and the rest against. Failed.

    As items for the Pin Auction are collected, please be sure that you have an address and contact person for each item as well as a dollar value Please E-Mail me this information so I can keep track of who needs a thank you letter and receipt for each generous donation. My E-Mail is [email protected]..

    Mack of the Day Division:

    #1. Sandpoint Marine and Motorsports (Dale Greene)
    #2. Mirror Lake Golf Course
    #3.Pacific Steel and Recycling
    #4.Pierce Auto? (Dave I or Clint N)
    #5.Oxarc?(Kevin D.)
    #6.Pend Oreille Valley Sports(Clint N.).
    #7. ?
    #8. ?
    Please E-Mail Dave G. the address and contact person for each generous donation being made for Mack of the Day for invoices, thank you letters and receipts.Dave’s E-Mail is [email protected].

    Reminder for all Board Members to be sure to read over the E-Mails I sent to each of you regarding the Club’s Mission Statement and Objectives and determine if there should be any changes of any kind.These need to be sent to Clint N. so he can get it all put in the Spring Newsletter.

    New Business:

    Changes to Derby Tickets, Membership Forms and Weigh Tickets before we reorder.
    Calibration of Scales-Need Volunteers- Set up how to accomplish this soon
    Nominations of Eligible Members for 2016/2017 Term.

    President: Barb G. nominated, declined.
    Vice President: Barb G. nominated Clint N.
    Treasurer: Dave G. nominated, declined.
    Secretary: Barb G. nominated Dale G.
    Board: Steve K. nominated Kevin D.
    Board: Barb G. nominated Dale S.
    Board: Barb G. nominated Dave G.

    Have until May to round up potential Pres.,Treas. and maybe more Board.

    Fish Stories

    Tackle Share Auction: Dale G. 2 Mack spoons. James M. Apex? $32?

    Next Members Meeting 3-9-16 Connie’s Cafe 6:30.

    Next Board Meeting 2-24-16 Connie’s Cafe 6:30.

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