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    Barbara Gillespie

    LPOIC Members Meeting 1-11-17

    Attendance: Dale Greene, Barb Gillespie, Dave Gillespie, Larry Eng, Dave Ivy, Kevin Elmore and James Mullen.

    Correspondence: Renewal letters went out, starting to see renewals back in mail and on line,

    Minutes of 12-14-16: Dale G. read and they were approved with addition of Kevin Elmore’s attendance.

    Mack of the Month for December and so far January: No entries, no winner for December and none so far for January.

    Mack of the Year 2016: Won by John Jay 18.98 pounds and 36 inches long.

    Eligible Members for Board and Officers with 6 or more meetings in 2016: Dale Greene 20, Barb Gillespie 19, Dave Gillespie 19, Kevin Elmore 17, Dave Ivy 15, James Mullen 14, Clint Nicholson 14, Kevin DaVault 12, Steve Klappenbach 8, Gale Belgarde 8, Elton Dawson 6, Dale Snipes 4, Larry Eng 4 and Jake Howerton 3. Last three just for reference.

    Pin Update and New Proof: Discussed colors on proof, trying a redder pink.

    Get Started on 2017 Donations:
      Mack of the Day-$150 each
      German Brown-$150
      Photo Contest Sponsor-$100
      Ads for Newsletter
         Full Page -$500 per issue
         ½ Page-$250 per issue
         ⅙ Page-$90 per issue
         New Option: Voted on and unanimous Business Card Size $30 per issue
         Discounts are available if putting ad in all three issues per year and paying in full by March 15, 3 for price of 2
      Donations of any kind-Please get name of business, contact person, address of business and items donated for what event. Do they wish to be invoiced for donation?
      DON’T FORGET to get started on getting Annual Pin Auction Items!

    New Business:
      James M. talked to Julie Kallemeyn, owner of local radio station KRFY 88.5 FM, about having an interview Tuesday morning February 28 with James M. and Dave I. about LPOIC , the Lake and fishing.
       Looks like 70 years for LPOIC, look into commemorative clothing?
      Dave I. says running short on LPOIC caps. Looking into order.
    No Tackle Share Auction

    Door Prize Drawing: Kevin Elmore won a Fish Bag and Fish Measuring Yardstick

    Next Members Meeting 2-8-17 6:30 PM Connie’s

    Next Board Meeting 1-25-17 6:30 PM Connie’s

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