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    Barbara Gillespie

    LPOIC Members Meeting 5-10-23 WLDC

    Attending: Dale Greene, Gary Brookshire, Nancy Spence, John Spence, Larry Eng, Kevin Elmore, Denton McGlothlin, Susan Houk, Don Houk, Brad Sturgis, Tim Martin, Chris Sensol, Barb Gillespie and Dave Gillespie.

    Presentation from Gary Brookshire: Tobler Marina History and available services and offerings.

    Correspondence: Email offer from Fairbridge Inn for discounted rooms for Derby participants.

    Minutes from 4-12-23 handed out.

    LPO Today fishing discussion.

    Mack of the Month: March Kevin Elmore 5.95 lb. April Dan Spinosa 17.55 lb. due. Leading May Scott Plue 18.75 lb. Leading Mack of the Year Steve Goebel 20.0 lb. Mack of the Year 2022 Shane O’Hara 21.65 lb. from June. Shane donated his winnings to a Fall Derby Mackinaw of the Day Prize and towards the Youth A&B Catch and Release fund for the Fall Derby.

    Spring Derby and Pin Auction Review

    Seminar for June will be Dustin Masin Fish & Game Warden on LPO with his Information Trailer
    Seminar for July will be Hannah Combs from Bonner County History Museum.
    Bayview Cleanup will be June 8 at 9 AM (Christine S.)
    Scholarship Committee Update (Nancy S and Christine S)
    New Website Update (Nancy S)

    Donations for Food Bank (Matched by LPOIC up to $150 per quarter)
    50/50 won by Brad Sturgis $32. Other $32 to Scholarship Fund.
    Frisky Jenny Prize from Spring Derby not won. That $150 was donated to the Scholarship Fund instead.
    Tackle Share: Gription Tire bag of goodies donation went to Brad Sturgis for $10.
    Door Prize: Tim Martin $30 gift card North 40. Tim donated it back to the LPOIC.

    Next Board Meeting May 24 at WLDC
    Next Members Meeting June 14 at WLDC
    LPOIC Annual Picnic July 15 at WLDC starting at noon.
    Members Only Derby September 23 and 24
    Fall Thanksgiving Derby November 18 to 22 and 24 to 26

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