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    Barbara Gillespie

    LPOIC Members Meeting 8-8-18

    Attending: Elton Dawson, Kevin DaVault, Carter Sandahl, Christine Sandahl, Gale Belgarde, Tom Mehler, Dave Ivy, Grant Hillen, Dale Greene, Kevin Elmore, Barb Gillespie, Dave Gillespie, James Mullen and Will Crook.

    Correspondence: None.

    Minutes from 7-11-18: Read by Dale Greene and accepted.

    Mack of the Month for July and so far for August: Becky Sturgis likely won July with a 25.36# 36” monster. No entry yet for August.

    Not a big turnout but still a good time. Different type of gathering being discussed by Board of Directors.
    Election Results:
    President- Barb Gillespie (1 year)
    Vice President- Clint Nicholson (1 year)
    Secretary- Dale Greene (1 year)
    Treasurer- Dave Gillespie (1 year)
    Board Member- Kevin Elmore (3 years)
    Board Member- James Mullen (3 years)
    Board Member- Dave Ivy (3 years)
    Board Member- Grant Hillen (3 years)
    Board Member- Larry Eng (3 years)
    Board Member- Kevin DaVault (1 year)
    Board Member- Gale Belgarde ( 2 years)

    Update on Newsletters- Barb Gillespie
    First edition for Corinne Capodagli.
    Mack of the Month had some wrong listings on some, Dale G. needs to check out. What I sent was correct. Miscopied Nathan Hanson’s weight. Did not send August through December 2017 weights.( No comparison weight yet for 2018)

    Sullivan Springs Cleanup Update: Dale Greene, Dave Gillespie and Kevin Elmore attended from LPOIC. Was much weedier this year than last. Much better now!

    Spring Creek Hatchery Cleanup 8-18-18 at 8:AM. Kevin Elmore bringing one pump, James Mullen arranging for another, will bring to Storage Shed.

    By-Laws Update: Passed around copy for inspection prior to upcoming adoption.

    Tackle Share Auction (Proceeds to Scholarship Fund) Dave Ivy Supplied roll of 4# test Trilene. Went to Carter Sundahl for $10.

    Door Prize went to Dave Ivy- $30 North Forty Gift Certificate.

    Food Drive- Grant Hillen. Dale G. owes a dollar.

    Next Members Meeting 9-12-18 at Connie’s at 6:30 PM.
    Pick up your tickets for Members Only Derby.
    There will be discussion with Members present on Fall Derby Format.

    Next Board Meeting 8-22-18 at Connie’s at 6:30 PM.
    More discussion on type of gathering to possibly replace Club Picnic.
    Design of Club Banners.
    Update on Patch replacements.

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