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    Barbara Gillespie

    LPOIC Members Meeting 6-9-21 Fairgrounds

    Attending: Dale Greene, Bob Snider, Dan Harder, Nancy Spence, John Spence, Randy Henderson, Mary Ann Henderson and Kevin Elmore, Barb Gillespie and Dave Gillespie.

    Minutes from 5-12-21 read and accepted.

    Mack of the Month: Jerry Pierce 8.85 lbs. For May. So far for June Dale Greene 27” 8.23 lbs.


    LPOIC Election Results and Picnic 7-17-21: As usual, meet at noon at Garfield Park.

    Spring Creek Hatchery Clean up 8-14-21? Tabled.

    Sullivan Springs Clean up 8-21-21? Tentative.

    Members Only Derby Format? Catch and Release. September 18 and 19 OR September 25 and 26? Decide at Board Meeting.

    Fish Stories

    Open Forum: Trying to get F&G at a few Members Meetings per year. Nancy Spence is willing to work on setting up a mass email list to inform Members. Possibly sign up new members at Meetings to go out following Saturday to show the ropes.

    Tackle Share: Dale G. modified Apex bought by Nancy Spence $10

    Drawing: Bob Snider. Have Bud Bedry send him a Gift Card.

    Food Bank Donation.

    Next Board Meeting 6-23-21 at 6:30PM at Fairgrounds.

    Next Members Meeting 7-14-21 at 6:30PM at Fairgrounds.

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