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    Barbara Gillespie

    LPOIC Members Meeting 6-10-20 Fairgrounds

    Attending: Dale Greene, Elton Dawson, Jake Howerton, Carter Sandahl, Christine Sandahl, Nancy Spencer, John Spencer, Steve Klappenbach, Wendy Klappenbach, Randy Henderson, Mary Ann Henderson, Will Crook, Donny Endicott, Fred Markarian, Gale Belgarde Sr., Bob Snider, Dave Gillespie, James Mullen and Kevin Elmore.

    Minutes from 5-13-20 read and accepted.

    Correspondence: Several ballots received.

    Mack of the Month: May led by Mary Marienau 12.53#, but won by Brad Sturgis with 22.93# 37” Mack weighed 5-28-20 at Odie’s.

    Donny Endicott discussed Catch and Release Derby. Proposed bonus money for released fish. Would require at least a weigh station south, middle and north end. Maybe a mobile station parked at Whiskey Rock.

    James Mullen is trying to raise about $3000 in cash and materials to build a memorial monument to Jack Miller of Holiday Shores for all his support of Lake Pend Oreille anglers. Any cash not used would be donated to his wife. A Club donation will be decided at the next Board meeting.

    Picnic plans are the same as recently. July 18th at noon at Garfield Park.

    Pin sales comparison: In 2019 at Auction sold 90 out of 100 for $2795 gross. 2020 online sales of 62 for $2586 gross. 29 to the same bidder as last year and 15 to new bidders.

    Newsletter Articles due at Picnic July 18th or earlier.

    Fish and Game has not approved any Derbies yet.( Members Only Derby)

    Will Crook NEEDS PICTURES!!

    Food Bank Donation

    Tackle Share: Carter Sandahl was high bidder on 2 5.5” Apexes donated by James Mullen.

    Drawing won by Christine Sandahl. $30 gift certificate to North 40.

    Next Board Meeting 6-24-20 at 6:30 PM on ZOOM

    Next Members Meeting 7-8-20 at 6:30PM at Bonner County Fairgrounds

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