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    Barbara Gillespie

    LPOIC Members Meeting Boondox Bar and Grill 5-11-22

    Attending: Dale Greene, Gary James, Dave Gillespie, Barb Gillespie, John Spence, Nancy Spence, Robert Wynhoff, Gale Belgarde Sr, Edward (Bear) Weiner, Mike Mattes, Denton McGlothlin, Carter Sandahl, Christine Sandahl and Wayne Johnson

    Correspondence: None

    Minutes from 4-14-22 handed out

    Mack of the Month: April 2nd place Derby Jesse Peterson 15.45 lbs. 34 ½ inch. May leading John Cosolito 7.55 lbs. 28 inch from Mack of Day May 1st Derby.

    LPOIC Website Update from Carter Sandahl

    Spring Auction and Derby Update from Dave Gillespie

    Bayview Diver Cleanup Update from Christine Sandahl: Thursday June 9th. Bayview Chamber of Commerce may provide eats.

    Some discussion on late weigh ins

    Photo Contest won by Dave and Barb G’s Dougal picture

    Scholarship Update by Nancy Spence: Selected 3 from Sandpoint and 1 from Clark Fork from those submitted. Looking for ways to increase the Fund to allow more support.

    On the lookout for QUIETER venues for Club Meetings. Nancy Spence said Sandpoint Senior Center is available but only on Tuesdays Gale Belgarde had one in Sagle at $100 a night. Search continues.

    Tackle Share: $30 bid on $40 Gift Card at Napa by Gale Belgarde. Proceeds to Scholarship Fund.

    Food Bank Dollar or Can of food

    Door Prize won by Christine Sandahl: $30 Gift Cert. at North 40

    Fish Stories: Dominated by Bear Weiner’s 25.5# Derby winner story. Near Picard on weighted blue green or blue yellow Apex 4.5 on a little bait casting reel.

    Next Members Meeting 6-8-22 location to be announced. Discuss Members Only Derby.

    Next Board Meeting 5-5-22 location TBA

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