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    Barbara Gillespie

    LPOIC Members Meeting 3-10-21

    Attending: Dale Greene, Randy Henderson, Mary Ann Henderson, Kevin Elmore, Christine Sandahl, Carter Sandahl, Jake Howerton, Gary James, Nancy Spence, John Spence, James Mullen, Bud Bedry, Donny Endicott, Bob Snider, Don Hale and Mary Marineau, Dave and Barb Gillespie(phone)

    Minutes from 2-10-21 read and accepted.

    Correspondence: None

    Mack of the Month: Dale Greene 5.43# February. March Dale Greene 7.19# 26 ½”.

    Eligible Members for Board or Officer Positions(attended 6 or more meetings):Dale Greene, Kevin Elmore, Dave Gillespie, Donny Endicott, Bob Snider, Will Crook, Gale Belgarde, Barb Gillespie, Elton Dawson, Larry Eng, James Mullen, Jake Howerton, Nancy Spence, John Spence, Christine Sandahl and Carter Sandahl.

    Treasurer and Secretary Elected Annually. Three Board Members expire this year: Kevin Elmore, James Mullen and Larry Eng.

    Nominations: Dave Gillespie nom. Kevin Elmore, 2nd By Dale Greene. Kevin Elmore nom. Larry Eng, 2nd by Dale Greene. Kevin Elmore nom. James Mullen, 2nd Dale Greene. Nancy Spence nom. Carter Sandahl, 2nd Dale Greene. Kevin Elmore nom. Dale Greene Secretary, 2nd Dave Gillespie. Kevin Elmore nom. Will Crook Treasurer, 2nd Dave Gillespie.

    Secret Silver Platter Vote.

    Dale G. applied for Sheriff’s Permit. Will Crook is applying for Avista mackinaw money.

    Scales: Dale Greene taking 100# scale to Holiday Shores, picking up 30#.

    Final Derby Format: Youth B only will be length only. Photo of fish on ruler and photo of Derby ticket either on boat or at Weigh Station. Released or not. To the closest ¼”. Earliest reported tie breaker. Kevin Elmore proposed bumped A class kids get Club T-shirt. 2nd Bob Snider, passed.
    Youth A winners Gift Card and Medallion.

    Redesigned Weigh Slips and Derby Tickets not ready yet.

    Food Bank Donation.

    Door Prize Drawing won by Bob Snider, North 40 $30 gift certificate.

    Next Board Meeting 3-24-21 at 6:30.
    Next Members Meeting 4-14-21 at 6:30.

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