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    Barbara Gillespie

    LPOIC Members Meeting 2-12-20 Fairgrounds

    Attending: Larry Eng, Roger VanSkyock, Janet Schultz, Bud Bedry, Kraige Clark, Dan Ries, Gary Hooper, Chad Laudrun, Pete Comstock, Corky Cook, Kurt Cook, James Olson, Robert Hopkins, Jared Hopkins, Tom McLain, Kurt Artner, David McKenzie, Terry Lamb, Jonathon Uresti, Carter Sandahl, Christine Sandahl, Brian Sostram, Dave Yeoman, Randy Butler, Jeff Brandt, Travis Miller, John Hale, Cade LaMarsh, Jake Howerton, Jennie Howerton, Chad Evans, Rawley Gadley, Barb Gillespie, Dave Gillespie, Donny Endicott, Don Hale, Mary Marienau, Roy Abshire, Doug Byrum, Nancy Spence, John Spence, Don Salter, Dan Harder, Elton Dawson, Tom Cords, Gary L. Douglas, Gary Brastrup, Gale Belgarde, Cheri Belgarde, Dustin Mason, Joe Farrell, Noah J. Kearl, Mark Melton, Ladimer Mischenko, Bob Eagle, Kevin Reynolds, Todd Wendle, Shane Wendle, Jeff Baugh, Dale Greene, Brody Ponsness, Bob Snider, Mark Palm, Liam Gordon, Mike Gordon, Ryan Roslak, Jason Slinger, Chase Slocum, Jeff Bynum, Will Crook plus many more.

    Pledge of Allegiance

    Membership, Clothing Table, 50/50 and Tackle Share Auction

    Mark Bove Walleye and Northern Pike Seminar



    General Meeting Starts

    Minutes from 1-8-20


    Mack of the Month February: Dale Greene 8.08# 27.5” at the moment

    Newsletter Articles to Dave and Barb Gillespie by March 1st

    New 100# digital scales here, certified soon

    Members qualified for Board or Officer nomination listed(6 or more meetings in 2019)
    Dale Greene 22 Nominated for Secretary
    Kevin Elmore 22 one more year in Board term
    Barb Gillespie 21 Nominated for Board
    Dave Gillespie 21 two more years in Board term
    Don Endicott 17 Nominated for Board
    Grant Hillen 16 one more year in Board term
    Gale Belgarde Sr 15 Nominated for Board
    Larry Eng 13 one more year in Board term
    Will Crook 13 Nominated for Treasurer
    Elton Dawson 10 Nominated for Board
    Dan Harder 9
    James Mullen 8 one more year in Board term
    Jake Howerton 8 Nominated for Board
    Bob Snyder 8 Nominated for Board
    Nancy Spence 7
    John Spence 7

    Pin Auction donations and Derby Sponsors: Rick says ok as auctioneer, Elks not yet, shortly

    Junior Division – To be discussed at next board meeting

    Open Forum

    Door Prize won by Dale Greene, $30 Gift Card – North 40

    Food Drive

    IDF&G new officer Dustin Mason introduced

    Next Board Meeting 2-26-20 at Jalapeno’s at 6:30PM

    Next Members Meeting 3-11-20 at Jalapeno’s at 6:30PM

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