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    Barbara Gillespie

    LPOIC General Members Meeting 11/8/23 Minutes.

    In Attendance were Members – Denton McGlothlin, Jeremy Brown, Dan Harder, Gale Belgarde, Sr., Tim Splinter, Fritz Wiedenhoff, Mike Mattes, Larry Eng, Mark Townsend and Kevin Elmore – Board Members – Barb Gillespie, Dave Gillespie, Christine Sandahl Carter Sandahl and Nancy Spence
    Correspondence – Memberships for 2024 and Sponsorship Donations
    Minutes from Previous Meeting 10/11/23 handed out.
    Mack of the Month – No information at this time
    LPO Fishing Report – Discussions by several people in attendance
    Old Business
    1. Newsletters Distribution – Completed and several positive responses on articles that were written by members.
    2. Fall Derby information was discussed, and Barb gave an update of Derby Sponsors – Wish List is on Facebook and an email was sent out by Nancy.
    3. Derby Weigh Master for Garfield Bay is filled.
    4. Derby Masters will be Kevin Elmore and Barb & Dave Gillespie on every other day rotation.
    New Business
    1. 2024 LPOIC Spring Derby Pin Design Contest was won by Gale Belgarde, Sr. There were several entries this year that were voted on by those in attendance. There was a very close outcome.
    2. There were derby tickets sold at this time to people in attendance.
    3. Kevin Elmore, LPOIC liaison with ID F&G, brought the Logbooks to be handed out to anglers at the ticket outlets during this derby for the F&G. They were discussed and instructions gone over.
    4. Verification for derby to take place 11/29/23 at 10:00am at Center. Plus, there will be an impromptu board meeting since there isn’t one scheduled for November due to derby.
    Last Call for 50/50 – $52 worth of tickets sold. $26 to winner Larry Eng and $26 to LPOIC Scholarship Fund.
    Donations for Food Bank (for 2023 LPOIC is matching cash donations up to $150 per quarter) $18 and 5 cans.
    Door Prizes – Dave Gillespie won $30 Gift Card from North 40 – 8 Lip Grips and cables were won by various people in attendance.
    Tackle Share – Proceeds to the Scholarship Fund – Items were brought by Nancy Spence, Denton McGlothlin and Dave Gillespie. A total of $175 was taken in for the Scholarship Fund.

    Next General Meeting 12/13/23 WLDC-6:00pm
    Next Board Meeting 1/24/24 WLDC-6:00am
    Respectfully Submitted by,
    Barb Gillespie/Board Member

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