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    Barbara Gillespie

    LPOIC Members Meeting 1-10-24 WLDC

    Attending: Dale Greene, Denton McGlothlin, Tim Martin, Dan Harder, Randy Juette, Nancy Spence, Kevin Elmore, Gale Belgarde, Cheri Belgarde, Carter Sandahl, Christine Sandahl, Mike Mattes, Mark Townsend, Dave Gillespie, Barb Gillespie, Brad Shelton and Josh Shelton.

    Correspondence: Membership Renewals

    Minutes from Previous Meeting made available.

    Mack of the Month: November won by Dan Harder 15.9 lb. 34 inches. December won by Dale Greene 12.50 lb. 31.5 inches. January led by Dan Harder 12.55 lb. 31.75 inches.
    Mack of the Year 2023 won by Brad Sturgis last May 22.88 lb. 38.5 inches. $300.

    Old Business:
    2024 Derby Permit applications were mailed on time. Mack of the Month started in January.
    Dale Greene sent in the 2023 MOM kill report.
    2024 Derby Dates listed at bottom.
    Membership renewals were sent to all 2023 Members on December 29th.

    New Business:
    Spring Newsletter Deadline March 1st.
    Members with 6 meetings or more in 2023 eligible for 2024 election offices: Dave Gillespie, Barb Gillespie, Christine Sandahl, Dale Greene, Nancy Spence, Carter Sandahl, Mark Townsend, Denton McGlothlin, John Spence, Kevin Elmore, Dan Harder and Larry Eng.

    Big Reveal of the upcoming website!! The Website Committee demoed the new website and distributed test logs to volunteers to log on to the site and test the different screens and functions. Looking for feedback on what works, what doesn’t work and what should be added. Hopefully, feedback will be received by our next Board Meeting 1-24-24. Then we can make changes and enhancements before we go live!

    Food Bank Donations: $30 and matched.
    Gift Card to N. 40 drawing won by Dave Gillespie, $30.
    50/50 Drawing Tim Martin $36 and $36 to Scholarship Fund.
    Tackle Share proceeds to Scholarship Fund. Nancy Spence donated 12 bags of flies.
    Sold to multiple buyers for $101!

    Next Board Meeting 1-24-24 6:00PM WLDC.
    Next Member Meeting 2-14-24 6:00PM WLDC.

    2024 Derbies: Spring 4-27 thru 5-5. MOD 9-21 and 9-22. Thanksgiving 11-23 thru 11-27 and 11-29 thru 12-1.

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