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    Barbara Gillespie

    LPOIC Members Meeting 1-13-21 Zoom

    Attending: Dale Greene, Will Crook, Melanie Endicott, Donny Endicott, Bob Snider, Jake Howerton, Kevin Elmore, Dave Gillespie and Barb Gillespie.

    Correspondence: Sheriff’s Office requested support letters for new engines for one boat and sidescan sonar for search and rescue.

    Minutes read and accepted for 12-9-20.

    Mack of the Month won by Dale Greene 8.69 lbs.

    Eligibility list for 2021 nominations listed:
    Dale Greene with 22 meetings
    Kevin Elmore with 22 meetings
    Dave Gillespie with 20 meetings
    Donny Endicott with 19 meetings
    Bob Snider with 19 meetings
    Will Crook with 18 meetings
    Gale Belgarde Sr. with 14 meetings
    Barb Gillespie with 12 meetings
    Elton Dawson with 12 meetings
    Larry Eng with 10 meetings
    James Mullen with 9 meetings
    Jake Howerton with 9 meetings
    Nancy Spence with 8 meetings
    John Spence with 8 meetings
    Christine Sandahl with 6 meetings
    Carter Sandahl with 6 meetings

    Spring Derby Format? Talked about. Same as Fall favored. Have only got Mack of Month Permits so far.

    Spring Pin Auction Format? Proposed similar to last year’s online.

    State catch and release records as relates to our Derbies.

    Scholarship Program has about $1000 of $2000 spent last year.

    Open Forum: Talked about Juniors and both kids divisions being able to buy up into higher pay/cost classes. Concern over kids buying into Juniors but not really being the ones to catch the fish.

    Next Board Meeting 1-27-21
    Next Members Meeting 2-10-21

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