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    Barbara Gillespie

    LPOIC Members Meeting 1-12-22 Athol

    Attending: Barb Gillespie, Dave Gillespie, Gale Belgarde – Board Members. Charlie Miller, Cory LaRue, Ryan Roslak, Dan Harder, Doug Sheldon, Denton McGlothlin and Mike Mattes – General Members.

    Correspondence: None

    Minutes from 12-8-21 read by Dave Gillespie and accepted.

    Mack of the Month: December 2021 Bert Dennett with an 8.30lb. 28”.
    Mack of the Year 2021: Mike Mitale 24.58lb. 38.5”.

    Old Business: Asked for volunteers to suggest or give presentations at Members Meetings. Brought up radio etiquette during Derbies.
    Newsletter deadline March 1,2022.
    Membership report for 2021 – 323, up from previous year.

    New Business: Read off list of 2021 Members eligible to be nominated to 2022-2023 elections.
    Dale Greene-22 meetings, 2. Kevin Elmore-21 meetings-Resigned. 3. Dave Gillespie-19 meetings. 4. Bud Bedry-16 meetings. 5. Barb Gillespie-13 meetings. 6. Bob Snyder-13 meetings. 7. Donny Endicott-12 meetings. 8. Jake Howerton-11 meetings. 9. Carter Sandahl-9 meetings. 10. Will Crook-7 meetings. 11. Nancy Spence-6 meetings. 12. Elton Dawson-6 meetings. 13. Christine Sandahl-6 meetings.

    Open Forum: History of egg collection. Members support Club lobbying Idaho F&G to request more eggs from Montana F&G brood stock.

    Fish Stories: Ryan Roslak’s big 26.06lb. Rainbow!!

    Tackle Share: None

    Food Bank Contribution collected by Dan Harder.

    Door Prize won by Gale Belgarde. $30 Gift Card from North 40.

    Next Members Meeting 2/9/22 Beacon Pizza Athol 6:30pm: Nominations for LPOIC 2022-2023 Elections.

    Next Board Meeting 2/23/22 Beacon Pizza, Athol, ID 6:30pm: Continue working on changes for club and Spring Derby prize package

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