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    Barbara Gillespie

    LPOIC Board Meeting 9-26-18

    Attending: Dale Greene, Barb Gillespie, Dave Gillespie, Gale Belgarde Sr., Clint Nicholson, Roy Stokes, Josh Stokes, Victor Jacobson, Kevin Elmore, Mary Thompson, Dave Ivy and James Mullen.

    Speaker: Mary Thompson with update on 2018 Halloween Derby. She has all permits, already has entries, shirts and flyers are handled, invitations are mailed out, Clint N. will handle email, Facebook and the like. Will advertise as the biggest and best. Discussion on a Club Donation to Halloween Derby.

    Correspondence: Letter to Ken Bouwens

    Minutes from 8-22-18 Will be put on web site

    Mack of the Month so far in September: Becky Sturgis 10.32# 29 ½”.

    Treasurer’s Report: Dave Gillespie reports LPOIC-HD account had $2100 deposited, Invitations out, $1624.56 balance. LPOIC checking $58,224.68. $2120.25 Egg Fund. $6187.03 in record account. Payout for last Newsletter $2300. Payout for (5) five new LPOIC Weigh Station Banners $171.

    Members only Derby Critique: 84 Adults this year, 88 last year. $790 more paid out than received.

    Deadline for Newsletter: 10-1-18.

    What should be done about banners after Derbies? Discussed and decided to leave them up unless owners object.

    Who would like to take on next quarter food bank donations? Kevin Elmore volunteered.

    Freezer for Odies: Clint N. motion, Dave G. 2nd, LPOIC will purchase freezer at Costco to put in at Odie’s for fish collection during LPOIC derbys only. Passed unanimously.

    Format and Prize Package for Thanksgiving Derby:
    Adult Rainbow $2000 members bonus,4 places, pin bonus, Mack of the Day.
    Clint N. motion, Dave G. 2nd: 32” minimum and no Challenge. For: Dale G.. Dave G., Gale B., Clint N. and Dave I. Against Kevin E. and James M. Passed.
    Clint N. motion, Dave G. 2nd: Mackinaw 5th through 10th places of $100 each. Passed unanimously.
    Daily Mackinaw donations: R&R Logging, Retta May, Captn’s Table, Mirror Lake Golf Course and Pierce Auto.
    Roy and Josh Stokes donated $100 to Kids youth Package.
    Clint N. motion, Dave I. 2nd: $2000 split among Members that place in Adult Rainbow. All for except Dave G. against. Passed.
    Add more Club money to Mack discussed. Maybe $500 to Mack and $500 to Rainbow?

    Next Members Meeting 10-10-18 at Jalapeno’s at 6:30 PM. Discuss Halloween Derby.

    Next Board Meeting 10-24-18 at Jalapeno’s at 6:30PM. Finalize what everyone needs to do to make Halloween Derby a success.

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