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    Barbara Gillespie

    LPOIC Board Meeting 8-26-20 Zoom

    Attending: Dale Greene, Will Crook, Bob Snider, Kevin Elmore, Dave Gillespie, Barb Gillespie, Donny Endicott, Melanie Endicott, Larry Eng and James Mullan.

    Minutes from 6-24-20 read and accepted.

    Correspondence: One membership and one Your Cause.

    Mack of the Month : July Becky Sturgis 22.62# 39”. None this month. Rumoured Patch Mack , not a Member, didn’t get a weight slip.

    Newsletters not received yet.

    Granite Cleanup Review: Thank you from F&G. They will be gathering eggs this year. Was a nasty mess. Ryan R. said barley straw acts as natural defoliant, might help control. Kevin E. talked to F&G and Spring Creek is planned to be sold in the long run.

    Members Only Derby:
    Derby Master: Donny Endicott assisted by Will Crook. 5:00PM closing Sunday.

    Weigh Masters: Proposed paying $250 for the two days to each selected. Email by Will C. looking for appropriate candidates. Should call Donny E.to apply. Shoot for training for each at 5:30PM at City Beach before 9-9-20 Members Meeting, make video?

    Weigh in Procedure: Kevin E. is setting up step by step for catch and release at the three dock stations.Will be printed out and available on-line to anglers. Will try to make video and post on-line.

    Net Bags: Will select the closest three out of our five bags and synch the weights.

    Derby Packets need distribution.

    Fish Verification: At 9-23-20 Board Meeting at Fairgrounds.

    Awards: Will be mailed due to covid.

    Next Members Meeting 9-9-20 City Beach, 5:30 training, 6:30PM Meeting.

    Next Board Meeting 9-23-20 at Fairgrounds at 6:30. Also Fish Verification prior to Meeting.

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