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    Barbara Gillespie

    LPOIC Board Meeting 8-24-16

    Attending:Dale Greene, Barb Gillespie, Dave Gillespie, Kevin DaVault, Dave Ivy, Steve Klappenbach and Kevin Elmore.

    Correspondence: Andy Dux regarding meeting with Club in October and Reg Crawford E-Mail regarding Trout and About Festival.

    Minutes of Board Meeting 7-27-16: Read by Dale G. and accepted.

    Mack of the Month August so far: Dale Greene 27” 7.42 pounds.

    Treasurer’s Report: Dave G. reports $37,267 banked.

    Old Business:
      Election Results- Need to determine who will be appointed to President and Treasurer positions or other options for 2016-2017 term.Steve K. proposed and  Kevin D. seconded that Barb G. and Dave G.  be appointed as President and Treasurer respectively, contingent on a serious replacement search being ongoing. Passed, none opposed.
      Hatchery Work Day Results- Do we need to consider purchasing a pump for the Club to keep in storage? Dale G. checking on potential Sandpoint Marine donation of hoses and nozzle. Kevin D. looking into good deal on pump from North 40.
      Members Only Derby- September 17 and 18 2016.
         Packets are out along with Newsletters and Posters
         Awards Dinner setup for sure with Mary at Captn’s Table.
         Derby ends at 3:00 PM.
         Dinner at 5:00 PM.
         Awards at 5:45.
         Derby Master: Dave I.
         Permits done.
         $2000 requested from Avista.
      LPOIC Stance on Fishery Recovery: Clint N. and Dave G. Clint not present
      Possible new Derby for next year to think about:
         Time of year? End of May, beginning of June?
         Avista in for another $2000?
         Largest Pike, Walleye, Mack and largest aggregate for each species?
        “ Dam to Dam Derby” ?- Include CF and PO Rivers.
         Any new thoughts or ideas?

    New Business
      LPOIC By-Laws: First part to go over for any corrections, additions, deletions, etc. Bring thoughts to next meeting.
      Discuss Door Prizes for each of our Members Events:
         Annual Pin Auction, each Awards Ceremony, Picnic and Hatchery Clean Up.
         Perhaps tie into Regional Hewes Boat Raffle.
         Ticket to each attendee,drawing at end? Potential prizes such as a barbeque? Dollar amount of each prize?
      Fish and Game Information: Kevin Elmore
         F&G dug up 30 years worth of old creel surveys.
         F&G will supply logbooks to those who will really keep track in them. Rainbow only. Hours, rods, length,weight etc.

    Next Members Meeting September 14,2016 at Connie’s at 6:30PM.

    Next Board Meeting September 28,2016 at Connie’s at 6:30PM.

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