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    Barbara Gillespie

    LPOIC Board Meeting 8-22-18

    Attending: Clint Nicholson, Dave Gillespie, Barb Gillespie, Grant Hillen, Dale Greene, James Mullen, Kevin Elmore and Elton Johnson.

    Correspondence: Mack of the Month weigh slips from Elton Dawson and Chadd MacKay. Annual Report notice from the State due end of October.

    Minutes from 7-25-18: Read by Dale G. and accepted.

    Mack of the Month for July and so far August: Becky Sturgis Patch Fish 25.36# 36” July. Chadd MacKay 20.83# 37.5” so far August.

    Treasurer’s Report: Dave G. reports $59,944.84 Checking, Egg Fund $2120.23, Record CD $6187.03 and $969.00 in Scholarship Fund. Derby Junior and Youth prize funds received $500 from Bayview Chamber of Commerce. Dave warns members to watch out for fake emails, check source by hovering over sender name.

    Update on Patch replacement: Haven’t heard from Stuart.

    Hatchery Cleanup Critique
    Possible pump purchase of one borrowed this time – James Mullen to find out price
    13 this year, good food, normal attendees, 4 new volunteers last year, 5 new volunteers this year.

    Different venue for picnic/gathering? – discuss – Nothing decided at this time

    Banner Design for Derbies: Clint N. says not done. Initially for the 5 weigh stations.

    Blackstone/Nolan review so far: Discussed, let them make request – board to discuss at a later date for next year

    Deadline for Fall Newsletter: Out by Nov. 1st. Have to be in Corinne’s hands by Oct.1st. Maybe a gift certificate for Corinne?

    Replacement Strategy for Officers at end of 2018/2019 term: Discussion. Potential Treasurer was at Hatchery Cleanup. Is a CPA. Will talk with him about it.

    Adoption of By-law Update: Clint N. motion to adopt updated By-laws as presented. Kevin E. 2nd. Unanimous. Need to be posted on website.

    Members Only Derby Packet Delivery to Awards Ceremony: Dale G. Holiday Shores, Kevin E. South End and Clint N. or Dave I. Odie’s.

    Prize Package for Fall Derby: Discuss no pay Rainbow, aggregate weight Macks, 10 places Mack?

    Discuss Octoberfish not using LPOIC equipment because their permit is in Calvin Nolan’s name. If no foreign involvement next year, we are fine with use and support.

    Next Members Meeting 9-12-18 at Connie’s Cafe at 6:30 PM. Discuss format Members would like for Fall Derby.

    Next Board Meeting 9-26-18 at Connie’s Cafe at 6:30 PM. Critique MOD and set up Fall Derby format and prize package.

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