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    Barbara Gillespie

    LPOIC Board Meeting 7-26-23 WLDC

    Attending: Dale Greene, Barb Gillespie, Dave Gillespie, Carter Sandahl, Christine Sandahl, John Spence and Nancy Spence.

    Correspondence: Email from Hannah at Bonner County Historical Museum requesting a few fishermen to field questions at a presentation October 7th.
    Minutes offered.
    Mack of the Month: Dale G. 2.30 lbs. for June. Peter Comstock leading July with 12.20 lbs.
    Treasurer’s Report on file. Nancy Spence will be taking over as Treasurer. Switching over to desktop QuickBooks. Time for a dedicated Club Computer for Treasurer.
    Membership currently 222.

    Newsletter: Some blurry pictures.
    New Scales not ready yet.
    Sullivan Springs Cleanup: Need To fill out forms from Christine. Mark Townsend volunteered his pontoon for transportation.
    Members Only Derby: Packets should be ready by August 9th Meeting. Dale G. should apply for Sheriff’s Permit mid-August.
    New Website: Carter S. is hoping to have it live before the Fall Derby.
    Corporate and Platinum Memberships: How can we encourage more participation?
    Silver Platter Award discussion: Discussion on whether to continue. Decided to hold off action for now.
    WLDC Cleanup August 12th could use volunteers.
    Unanimous agreement to donate $500 to WLDC to compensate for Club’s use of Facilities.

    Next Members Meeting August 9th 6:00PM at WLDC.
    Next Board Meeting August 23rd 6:00PM at WLDC.

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