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    Barbara Gillespie

    LPOIC Board Meeting 7-26-17

    Attending: Clint Nicholson, Dave Ivy, Dale Greene, Grant Hillen, Dave Gillespie, Barb Gillespie, James Mullen, Steve Klappenbach and Kevin Elmore.

    Correspondence: None

    Minutes for 6-28-17: Dale G. read minutes, were accepted.

    Mack of the Month: Dale G. reported Dave Gillespie leading with 16.26#  35.5” Mack for July

    Treasurer’s Report: Dave G. reports $46,522.69 in checking. 282 members as of 7-11-17.

    Old Business:
      Order Fish Bags for Weigh Stations, 200 18×42 for $110 and 200 20×48 for $139, larger?

      Spring Creek Hatchery Clean Up 8-5-17
         Verified Pump from MacDonald’s Hudson Bay Resort, Kevin Elmore
         Verified Pump from Sunbelt Rentals, Todd Campbell, Post Falls, James Mullen confirmed
         Verified Mower from Dave Ivy
         Should acknowledge donations in Fall Newsletter
         Cint N. motion, James M. 2nd, Passed.Case Keystone for Dave I. and a $25 Gift Certificate for each pump donated.
         Discuss Grill Purchase for Club Events. Cint N. motion,Dave I. 2nd, passed medium portable under $200 to be kept at Storage Unit.
         How many attending- 12 ish.

      Letter to Membership, IDF&G, etc. regarding “LPOIC Statement of LPO Management”-Clint Nicholson
            Steve K.: Commissioner told him never promised to restore Rainbow Fishery! Found three separate statements that they would in our own Newsletters, authored by F&G.
         Clint N. wants to support back to two rod limit in General Position Letter.
            Steve K.: Stay away from bringing it up, F&G will respond negatively, view multi rods as Lake Trout suppression tool.
            James M.: Agrees with Steve K., leave alone, Lake Trout suppression, more poles more likely Macks killed. Avista Mack money endangered if less effort. Bob Wiley and Charter Boats agree.
            Grant H.: Says will be political decision. Rainbow enhancement will require rod restrictions to accomplish.
            Dave G.: Changed from support to leave alone. Too many Macks to support pole reduction. Close Tributaries, even if only mouth of Lightning Creek.
            Barb G.: Worried about effect on Avista money and research support. Close Tribs.
            Dave I.: Rainbows should be Club’s focus, Macks are incidental. Doesn’t think fewer rods will affect Macks killed. Close River, enhance Rainbows, all about Rainbows!
            Clint N.: Club History is about Rainbows. Seldom catch Macks when fishing. Only sees growth in Lightning Creek fishery. Fair Chase Argument(Hunting).
            Dale G.: Accept whatever comes. Prefer Multi-rods for lone Rainbow fishing, bycatch Macks. Seldom Fish for Macks with more than two.Neutral.
            Kevin E.: Likes fewer rods, uses many. Needs more info to decide.
            Appears from discussion that letter should not support 2 pole.
            Grant H.: Big Fight over Tribs in 1985.
            Steve K.: Brought up studies showing enormous mortality from removing Rainbows from the water.
            Dave I.: Would just like to make the pole, trib and closed winter statement, even if we don’t get a rule change.
            Dave G,: Could live with two poles himself, inner and outer rods most active.
            James M.: Many poles as you like, can only keep one real Rainbow anyway.

      Election Results: Pres.-Barb Gillespie. Vice Pres.-Clint Nicholson. Secretary- Dale Greene. Treasurer-Dave Gillespie. Newest Board Member-Gale Belgarde, Will be inducted 8-9-2017.

    Next Members Meeting 8-9-2017 at Connie’s 6:30 PM

    Next Board Meeting 8-23-2017 at Connie’s 6:30 PM

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