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    Barbara Gillespie

    LPOIC Board Meeting 6-28-23

    Attending: Dale Greene, Carter Sandahl, Christine Sandahl, Nancy Spence, John Spence, Mark Townsend, Barb Gillespie and Dave Gillespie.

    Correspondence: Shoe Fly paid for 2023 ad, FERC flier, Ballot, scholarship thank you from Ara Clark, Sandpoint Valedictorian.
    Minutes handed out for 5-24-23 by Dave G.
    Mack of the Month May: Brad Sturgis at the end of month 22.88 lbs. 38.5 inch, Nothing June.
    Treasurer’s Report on File. Cd $30,406.27. Checking $37,664.07. Captn’s Table $100. Junior Div. $5632. Lake Level and Enhancement Fund $2655. Scholarship $2718. Quick Books close’
    Membership: 220
    New Scales still need to be certified and registered with the State before MOD.
    Sullivan Springs Cleanup proposed on August 26th by Ken Bowen. Mike Mattis is working on getting a church youth group to assist.
    Scholarship Program: Christine S. proposed and Nancy S. 2nd to set a goal of $750 per scholarship and 8 again in 2024. Unanimous approval. Nancy S. submitted an article for the Newsletter with pictures and a Cabela’s Logo.
    Club Picnic will be at WLDC at noon July 15th. Dale G. motion and Barb G. 2nd to put $400 towards Picnic Prizes. Unanimous. $200 rod and reel combo and $200 for individual prizes.
    Members Only Derby Package changes 2nd place $600 to $1000, no Awards Ceremony, change end of Derby to 5:.00PM Sunday and mail checks after verification. Weigh Station hours are open both days at 10:00AM, Saturday close at 6:00PM and Sunday close at 5:00PM.
    Need to look into Club liability for F&G Trailer during Derby.
    New Website progressing. Carter’s satellite internet took a lightning hit.
    Club Clothing discussion: Proposed dropping prices on clothing and selling off all we can. Listed discount prices. Motion by Carter s. 2nd Dale G. to set aside proceeds in the general fund with its own line item. Unanimous.
    Kevin Elmore will receive, and Dale G was given a check for expenses during the last Derby. $50.
    Dale G. to send Kill Report a 3rd time, this time directly to Hailee in charge.

    Next Members Meeting July 12th at 6:00PM. Hannah Combs from Bonner County Museum will speak on LPOIC history.

    Next Board Meeting July 26th at 6:00PM.

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