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    Barbara Gillespie

    LPOIC Board Meeting 5-26-21

    Attending: Dale Greene, Bud Bedry, Kevin Elmore, Dave Gillespie, Barb Gillespie and Donnie Endicott.

    Minutes from 3-24-21 read and accepted.

    Mack of the Month for May: Jerry Pierce 29” 8.85 lbs.

    Correspondence: FERC Report

    Scholarship Update: Three new chosen students for scholarships. One continuance scholarship from last year.

    PIN Auction Review: Some screw ups on pre-bids. Next year try to silent auction the majority of pins, excluding a few popular ones like number one. Multiple copy NCR Tally Sheets to better keep track at Auction of sold items. Try to get big items well ahead of time and actually advertise them. Maybe raffles? Sell tickets, draw from a bucket.

    Derby Review: 330 Adult, 10 Junior and 33 Youth Tickets sold. $17,890 taken in.

    Photo Contest Winner: Don and Susan Houk.

    Address Becky Sturgis’ Letter

    Address Pin Auction and James M.

    Volunteer to send out election ballots: Dave and Barb Gillespie.

    Kill Report Submitted? Done. Bud Bedry.

    25# Patches sent out, six 2020 Rainbow and one Mack. Hassle with addresses on two. Hopefully fixed.

    Newsletter Deadline: All Articles and advertisement to Dave and Barb Gillespie by July 5.

    Increasing attendance at members meetings: Try having mini-derbies that can only be entered if a person attends meetings.

    Next Members Meeting 6-9-21 at 6:30PM at Fairgrounds.

    Next Board Meeting 6-23-21 at 6:30PM at Fairgrounds.

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