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    Barbara Gillespie

    LPOIC Board Meeting 4-26-17

    Attending: Dale Greene, Dave Gillespie, Barb Gillespie, Steve Klappenbach, Gale Belgarde Sr., Grant Hillen, Clint Nicholson, Dave Ivy, Kevin Elmore, James Mullen and Kevin DaVault.

    Correspondence: None.

    Mack of the Month April So Far: Jeff Laybourne 11.52 pounds.

    Treasurer’s Report: Dave G. reports $30,262.11 in checking and $869.61 in Pay Pal.

    President’s Statement: Work on image. Little more structured meetings. Raising hands until recognized. 5 minute time limit. 3 minutes on discussion. Agenda out no later than Monday. Agenda additions no later than 10:00 AM Wednesday. Major items discussed 1st meeting, voted on 2nd meeting. Emergency clause for pressing business.

    Old Business
      Update on Auction
         Food and Cake ordered, yes.
         Arrival time to set up Auction:James around 3:00. Dave and Barb G. stuff from storage.
         Dave G. and James M. will pick up food, cake and misc. Items Friday.(Have coffee pot, bring coffee)
         New items for Auction list posted at website under Derbies.
         Clint N. motion, Dave 2nd and passed to keep 12 red kids shirts to award to winners at Spring and Fall Derbies. Sell the black version.
         Items from storage picked up and repaired or replenished, Dave and Barb.
         Volunteers are all set up to do paperwork. Will receive club t-shirts.
         Old pins donated for Auction to put on vest-James M.
         Dale G. pick up Honda 5 horse from Hope Marine Friday.
      Update on clothing: Dave Ivy and Dave Gillespie-Received new hats and junior shirts. $15.00 each.

      Update on Derby
         Donation money forMOD,Photo Contest and German Brown received.
         Freezer is at Holiday Shores.
         Everyone has enough tickets and memberships in case you get calls from outlets? North Forty needs tickets and newsletters.
         Plastic bags for weigh stations?
         Signs get out? James M. and Steve K.
         Things to push in Derby Master’s announcements besides standings? Push 28” minimum.
         Ready to get daily standings out to Media? Clint N.

    New Business
      Frisky Jenny Challenge: Honor Virginia and Jerry Sturgis. Spring Derby Annually. First rainbow weighed heavier than previous year’s winning rainbow receives $150.00, all entries, not just members. This year would take 18.65# or more.
      Grant Hillen volunteered to check with Bonner County Museum on setting up an LPOIC display.
      Big Scale Purchase for future Derbies: Dave G. says Beccarinies 50 or 60 pound digitals $775 to $925. If in stock, $695 to $830.
      Speaker for Members Meeting 5-10-17 : Molly from Lakes Commission about invasive weeds and mussels. NOT lake levels.
      Roger Blackstone offer of assistance: Most all agreed to give him a chance. See him at next Board Meeting. Dave G. against, won’t forget insults and apparent cheating.

    Next Members Meeting 5-10-17 at Connie’s at 6:30 PM Invasive Species

    Next Board Meeting 5-24-17 at Connie’s at 6:30 PM

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