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    Barbara Gillespie

    LPOIC Board Meeting 4-25-18

    Attending: Gale Belgarde Sr., Dale Greene, Grant Hillen, Clint Nicholson, Dave Gillespie, Barb Gillespie, Larry Eng, James Mullen, Stephen Klappenbach, Dave Ivy and Kevin Elmore.

    Correspondence: None.

    Minutes of 3-28-18 read by Dale G. and accepted.

    Mack of the Month for April so far is Bob Pinto’s 20.84# 39” caught 4-15-18.

    Treasurer’s Report from Dave G.: $43,031.66 checking, $2,120.15 Egg Fund, $6,184.88 in CD for Record Fund and $874.00 in Scholarship Fund before $500 payout. Last year $277 and this year $597.

    Scholarship Announcement : Clint N. reported nine applied, all from Sandpoint High School. Noah Hastings will be awarded the $500 at SHS on 5-22-18. Going into Environmental Sciences.

    Update on Door Prizes for Pin Auction/Awards Ceremony: Kevin E. Reports Door Prize at Pin Auction will be telescoping rubberized net. Awards ceremony will have Okuma Coldwater 30 reel and Okuma rod.

    Update on Pin arrival: Barb G. says 76 through 100 will arrive before Auction.

    How to work clothing sales at Auction: Dave G. reports we will have a card reader this year. Each sale through reader will cost us 2.7%. Previously we absorbed sales tax. Motion by Stephen K. to charge sales tax on ALL applicable sales and NOT charge card fee. Kevin E. 2nd Unanimous. Make sure to announce at Auction.

    Setting up Auction at 4:00 PM. Sound system by Grant H. Food pickup by Dave G. and James M.

    Freezer at Holiday Shores? Working on it.

    Banners go up tomorrow.

    Payments all received from Sponsors.

    Discussion on Item LIst for Auction. Need Now!! Listed on Facebook.

    Advertisements Out? Email to Contact people and Members?

    Anyone low on Derby Tickets? Need to check North 40 and Holiday Shores.

    Derby Master Needs for Derby Reports?

    Awards Ceremony needs set up helpers by 5:30 PM.

    Dave and Barb G. will pick up cake ordered by Clint N.

    Are you ready for another Derby? Dave and Barb G. asked about a catch and kill Derby for Walleye, possibly sponsored by a third party and depending on type of derby could meet with approval by IDF&G. Perhaps a Division in existing Derbies. Kevin E. motion, Stephen K. 2nd look to add Walleye division to late Summer MOD and or Fall Derby. Unanimous. Kevin E. motion, Dave G. 2nd to see if Andy Dux would modify permit to allow $500 for largest Walleye entered with paid Spring Derby ticket. Unanimous. Donations pledged by Stephen K. $200 2nd, Clint N $150 3rd and Grant H $100 4rth.

    Fishing Trip: Clint N. talked about having gone out with Andy Dux and having a long discussion on the science in Fishery Management. He was impressed enough to now support F&G much more strongly.

    Next Members Meeting 5-9-18 Connie’s Cafe 6:30 PM. Critique Spring Derby.

    Next Board Meeting 5-23-18 Connie’s Cafe 6:30 PM. LPOIC By-laws.

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