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    Barbara Gillespie

    LPOIC Board Meeting 4-24-19

    Attending: Grant Hillen, Don Endicott, Gale Belgarde, Dale Greene, Kevin Elmore, James Mullen, Barb Gillespie, Dave Gillespie, Will Crook and Larry Eng.

    Barb G. moderated.

    Correspondence: None

    Minutes 3-27-19: Read and accepted

    Treasurer’s Report:Will C. reports $57,784 banked, $2120 savings and $776 in Halloween Account.

    Update for Auction
    Need $150 check to Cheri Belgarde for designing 2019 Pin
    Need Elk’s Club payment
    Need check for food and supplies
    Need Will C. to bring checkbook for misc.
    Bring Pin Board: James M.
    Go over donation list, additional items, what for Silent Auction?
    Clothing sales, now to be done by Gale and Cheri Belgarde

    Update for Derby
    Freezer to Holiday Shores and freezer ready at Odie’s
    30# + dial scale is at Odie’s
    Derby Master announcement suggestions handed out
    Derby Master schedule set: 1st Sat. Dave and Barb G., 1st Sun. Kevin E., Mon Will C., Tue. Donny E., Wed. Dave and Barb G., Thurs. Donny E., Fri. Will C., 2nd Sat. Kevin E. and 2nd Sun. Dave and Barb G.

    Week between Derby and Awards Ceremony
    Verification Tues. 5-7-19
    At Will C. Office at noon, keys from sec. Terry
    Part verify Packets and money
    Part haul MacDonald’s and Odie’s fish to Holiday Shores and verify
    List to Bonner Awards for trophies and medallions by Barb G. email
    Dale G, to pick up trophies Fri. 5-10-19

    Update for Awards Ceremony
    Patches and Certificates for two 25# Macks, Nathan Hanson 25.54# MOY and Becky Sturgis 25.36#
    Barb G. handling Platter

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