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    Barbara Gillespie

    LPOIC Board Meeting 3-22-23 WLDC

    Attending: Dale Greene, Dave Gillespie, Barb Gillespie, Carter Sandahl, Christine Sandahl, Mark Townsend and Nancy Spence.

    Correspondence: Brad Shelton donation for Catch and Release and Youth Fund. Big Lake $100 Scholarship Fund.

    Mack of the Month Dale Greene 5.50# 25” so far.

    Treasurer’s Report on file.

    Membership: 133 at this time.

    Scale calibration complete. 3 100# and 3 30#.
    Auction: Pins ordered. Auction will be online. Dave and Barb will upload the donated items to the Auctria web site by April 1st. More items may be added until the Auction goes live Saturday April 8th at 8 AM. Auction ends April 15th at 8PM.
    Spring Derby weigh station closing hours will rotate from Garfield Bay to MacDonald’s-Holiday Shores each night. When Garfield Bay is 10AM to 7PM, MacDonald’s-Holiday Shores will be 9AM to 6PM. Hours will switch the next night. We will have definite fishing hours that the fishermen can count on.
    Still need Derby donations,
    We are licensed for 4 scales. Need a 4th as back up. Christine S. motion Carter S. 2nd to purchase matching back up. All for. Dave G. motion Barb G. 2nd to offer payment to Cheri Belgarde to train another weigh master. All for.
    Newsletter is at the Printers.
    A Water Festival support check for $500 is sent.
    Bayview cleanup is in the planning stage.
    Quarterly payment to Food Bank: $48 donated, $48 matched.
    Update on Management Committee Meeting from March 14: Avista Mackinaw money for Spring applied for and approved.
    Update on Scholarship Fund: Cabelas is donating $1500 a week from today. Need to follow up in our Newsletter and in Newspapers.
    May 10th Tobler Marina will be at our Members Meeting to give a presentation.
    Nancy Spence is heading up a look at a new web site through HOA. $550 up front, $100 setup and 30 days to test. After the Spring Derby is over.
    Hand out Derby Packets. Spring Derby starts April29.

    Next Members Meeting April 12 6:00PM WLDC.
    Next Board Meeting April 26 6:00 PM WLDC.

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