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    Barbara Gillespie

    LPOIC Board Meeting 2-27-23 WLDC

    Attending: Dale Greene, Dave Gillespie, Barb Gillespie, Nancy Spence, Christine Sandahl and Carter Sandahl.
    Correspondence: Memberships
    Mack of the Month: Steve Goebel 20.0 lbs. February. 2022 Mack of the Year Shane O’Hara 21.65 lbs.
    Treasurer’s Report: Cash on hand: $74,724.66. Changing bookkeeping back to the old system. $35/hr. for assistance.
    Old Business:
    Motion by Christine S. to make a 30 day trial of the HOA website about May 15. 2nd Barb G. All in favor.
    Motion by Nancy S. to have online Pin Auction. 2nd Christine S. All in favor.
    Barb G. will be the central clearinghouse for Auction items, Derby Donations and advertising.
    Scale calibration ongoing.
    Spring Derby weigh station hours will rotate between Garfield Bay and McDonalds/Holiday Shores each day. When Garfield is 10am to 7pm, McDonalds/ Holiday will be 9am to 6pm and vice-versa.
    Donations for Spring Derby are needed.
    New Business:
    Terry Naccarato is donating $1000 for a Mr. Nick Memorial Prize for largest Mack weighed by youth 12 years and under with a Derby Ticket. Trophy? Dave G. motion, Carter S. 2nd. Approved by all.
    Looking to have posters by March 22nd.
    Carter S. motion, Christine 2nd. To purchase a second 100 lb. scale if we can match the 3 existing ones. All in favor.
    Barb G. has called or contacted all recent advertisers. Looking for new ones.
    Dave G. motion, Carter S. 2nd $500 to support Water Festival as in past, All in favor.
    Need a report on accountant costs added to the Treasurer’s Report.
    Bayview Cleanup will happen. When?
    Dave G. motion to match meeting 2023 donations to Food Bank quarterly limited to $150/quarter. 2nd Carter S. All in favor.

    Christine S. motion, Dave G. 2nd. Propose increase Clubs 2023 funding on scholarships up to $2000 if required and increase the number of scholarships to 8 this year. Offer them to Members relatives and a larger number of school districts. All in favor.
    Christine and Carter Sandahl will attend the Management Committee Meeting on March 14th.
    Christine S. will approach WLDC to use their basement for less expensive storage.
    Christine S. motion. Dave G. 2nd. Appoint Nancy Spence and John Spence to the Board until this year’s election results. All in favor.

    Next Members Meeting 6:00PM 3-8-23 at WLDC.
    Next Board Meeting 6:00PM 3-22-23 at WLDC.

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