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    Barbara Gillespie

    LPOIC Board Meeting 2-26-20

    Attending: Dale Greene, Gale Belgarde Sr., Dave Gillespie, Barb Gillespie, Stuart Blockoff, Ryan Roslak, Kevin Elmore, Donny Endicott, Larry Eng and Will Crook.

    Minutes from 1-22-20 read and accepted.

    Correspondence: Grant Hillen resigned from Board, illness.

    Mack of the Month February: Won by Dick Chandler 37” 20.46#.

    Treasurer’s Report: Will Crook delivered a hard copy to file. Total of $78,772, $30,000 of which is in CD. Paypal not listed.

    Derby Format Review: Dave G. motion to try to include Walleye and Pike categories in Spring Derby as proposed by Will C. and modified(work sheet inc.) 4 places,listed prizes and no member bonus. Dale G. 2nd. Unanimous to attempt.( has to be approved by F&G)

    Bonner Mall for Awards? Still maybe Fairgrounds (Sat. May 9th)

    Elks Confirmed? Yes

    Keep working auction donations

    Pin Update: Not yet

    F&G says snagged if hooked behind the gill plate.

    Will C. motion, Larry E. 2nd: Junior Division–Any Derby eligible fish, pays top 4($600,$400,$300,$200), $10 entry fee, member bonus applies(entry fees split), $50 Captain reward for placing Junior. Unanimous.

    Dale G. motion, 2nd Kevin E.: A&B Captains Reward $50 for winners.

    Next Members Meeting 3-11-20 at Jalapeno’s at 6:30PM.

    Next Board Meeting 3-25-20 at Jalapeno’s at 6:30PM.

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