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    Barbara Gillespie

    LPOIC Board Meeting 2-24-21 Mac Donald’s

    Attending: Dale Greene, Kevin Elmore, Dave Gillespie, Bud Bedry, Will Crook, Bob Snider, Donny Endicott and Ryan Roslak.

    Minutes from 1-27-21 read and accepted.

    Correspondence: Some confusion over scale certification payment. Jeff Strait at IDF&G REALLY wants log books turned in.

    Mack of the Month : Dale Greene leading with 5.43# February.

    Treasurer’s Summary: Will C. says $74,000 cash on hand, Apex Tree paid for Fall Rainbow release bonus and about 20 new memberships received,

    Spring Derby Final Format: No solid location yet. May end up at Fairgrounds Friday night before Derby starts.

    Pin Auction: Shooting for 4-17-21 rather than 4-23-21. Starting a list of donations. Discussed Auction format,how to auction online and in person.

    Newsletter Deadline today, 2-24-21.

    Scale Swap: Replace 100# scales with 30# digitals until calibration is complete.

    Derby Format Changes: Voted to:
    Youth B Division now 0 through 8 years
    Youth A Division now 9 through 12 years
    Junior Division now 13 through 20 years
    Youth B Division Trophies and Medallions.
    Youth A Division Gift Cards

    Will Crook made a motion to appoint Bud Bedry to LPOIC Board as assistant to the Treasurer with signing authority for operating bank account and the Halloween Derby account. 2nd by Dale Greene. Passed unanimously. Treasurer Will Crook will be travelling the East Coast extensively for several months with limited availability.

    Forum: Discussed methods to introduce catch and release for kids divisions. (Photos on standard ruler)

    Next Members Meeting 3-10-21 6:30pm at Fairgrounds

    Next Board Meeting 3-24-21 TBA

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