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    Barbara Gillespie

    LPOIC Board Meeting 10-27-21 Fairgrounds

    Attending: Dale Greene, Bud Bedry, Kevin Elmore, Jake Howerton, Elton Dawson, Donny Endicott, Bob Snyder, Gale Belgarde and Will Crook.

    Minutes from 9-22-21 read and accepted.

    Correspondence: None

    Treasurer’s Report: Thank you from Will C. to Bud Bedry for filling in during absence. $71,595 available. $82,350 if set- asides included (record funds etc.) Membership income $9611 2021, $7359 2020.

    Will C. applying for Avista Mackinaw money.

    Dale G. applied for Marine Permit.

    Dorothy and Cash Stone donated $500 to the kid’s Derby Fund.

    Fall Derby weigh in procedure rewrite.

    Fall Derby Sponsors: Big Lake, Ivory Dental and Valley Studio each $500 catch and release sponsors, one left.

    Newsletters: Sent out

    Open Forum: Jake Howerton wants to look into going to ONE meeting a month from TWO. Board business could follow. By-Laws would have to change.

    Bob S. motion to give our weigh slips to rival LPOAC for patch fish purposes. 2nd by Donny E. None opposed. Scale Certification concerns however.

    Next Members Meeting 11-10-21 at 6:30 at Athol

    No Board Meeting November, Derby

    Members Meeting 12-8-21 TBA

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