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    Barbara Gillespie

    LPOIC Board Meeting 10-26-22 WLDC

    Attending: Dale Greene, Dave Gillespie, Barb Gillespie, Carter Sandahl, Christine Sandahl and member Kevin Elmore.

    Correspondence: None.
    Minutes of 9-26-22 handed out.
    Mack of the Month: Pete Comstock September 8.30 lbs. Dale Greene leading October 11.65 lbs.
    Treasurer’s Report: On File. Also decided to get previous Treasurer’s Club records on 0 Books printed out for records.
    Fall Newsletters due Monday. Nancy Spence will post online. 1000 copies. Forgot to include a membership form.
    Fall Derby Update:
    Dale G. to apply for Sheriff Permit.
    Weighmasters: Cheri Belgarde-Holiday Shores, James Coveny-MacDonald’s and Mark Townsend at Garfield.
    Still need Sponsors and Derby Masters.
    Pin Designs due 11-9-22.
    Received a request for support from Sarah Garcia. Seeking letters in support from LPOIC and Membership for more money to pay Inspection Station Employees. Fully Supported. Christine Sandahl will compose a letter that club and members can use to show support.
    Handed out Derby Packets Posters and Logbooks.
    2023 Derby Applications are due December 1, 2022.Talk about future support for Club Events. Mike Mattes and Denton McGlothlin interested in Board appointment?

    Next Members Meeting 11-9-22 6:00 PM WLDC.
    Next Board Meeting in November is during the Fall Derby. December is too close to Christmas. Online if necessary.

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