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    Barbara Gillespie

    LPOIC Board Meeting 10-26-16

    Attending: Dale Greene, Barb Gillespie, Dave Gillespie, Dale Snipes, Clint Nicholson, Kevin Elmore, Dave Ivy, Kevin DaVault, James Mullen and Gale Belgarde.

    Correspondence: Our bank wants to change the Club checking account to Business Interest Checking. Cheaper.

    Minutes of Board Meeting 9-28-16: Read by Dale G. and accepted.

    Mack of the Month for October: Dale G. reports Dave Gillespie is leading with a 12.42# 31 ½”.

    Treasurer’s Report: Dave Gillespie- $33,395.20 minus $2199.40 to Keokee and minus $170 PO Box rental.

    Old Business:
      Review 2nd section LPOIC By-laws that was handed out 9-28-16.
      Thoughts so far regarding Door Prizes for Events starting 2017
         Clint N. will put banner on the web site announcing door prizes coming in 2017.
         Dave G. proposed that at Member Meetings we will, starting in 2017, give out one door prize $20 to $30 in value(to members only). (Go to individual businesses and say “This is your month”).
      LPOIC Fall Derby:
         Dates- 11-19-16 thru 11-23-16 and 11-25-16 thru 11-27-16.
         Hand out packets to be distributed to ticket outlets and weigh stations.
         Should we advertise in Nickels Worth, newspapers, etc.? (Yes) James M. will try to get Keith Kinnard to do story in local paper. Clint N.e-mailing announcement and posters to media and results and updates when possible.
         We have 7 of 8 Mack of the Day donations so far:
    Mirror Lake Golf Course
    Sandpoint Marine
    Pierce Auto
    Dale Snipes
    Dale Snipes
    Pacific Steel
    Dr. Benjamin Hull DDS
      Volunteers to pick up freezer at storage unit and install at Holiday Shores. James M., Clint N.,Kevin D
      Volunteers to pick up packets after Derby- Hope Marine’s packet and scale must be picked up before Derby starts. Same people as drop off.
      Volunteer to pick up and deliver fish from MacDonald’s to fish verification. Kevin E.
      Volunteers for fish verification on 11-29-16. Dave G., Barb G.,Kevin E. at James M. house.
      Dave and Barb G. will order trophies and medallions.
      Can Kevin E. work with Fins and Feathers for youth prizes, picking them up and delivering them to the Awards Ceremony? (Yes)
      Barb G. arranged for trophies to be green.
      Barb G. will call Bonner Mall and confirm with Betty about the Awards Ceremony.
      Dave and Barb G. order and pick up ½ sheet cake and water/ pop needed at Super 1.
      Dale G. will pick up fish at Holiday Shores and deliver to Ceremony.
      Need to decide if we want to have a door prize this time? Members only? Yes on door prize,$120 limit, and 50/50. Clint N. motion paying members only, Dave G. 2nd, unanimous.
      CanClub use Dave I. sound system for Ceremony?(Yes) Club clothing will be brought to Ceremony?(Yes)
      Kevin E. discussed possible incentives and Changes. New members 50% off 1st Derby? Corporate $150,small add on corporate page, 2 hats and 2 memberships. Gold $250, medium ad, 2 shirts and 2 memberships. Platinum $500, large ad, plaque, jacket and 2 memberships. Would require By-law changes.

    New Business:Checking Account change mentioned above in correspondence.

    Next Members Meeting 11-9-16 Connie’s 6:30 PM. Vote on annual Pin design contest for annual Pin Auction. $150 prize.

    Next Board Meeting 12-28-16  Connie’s 6:30 PM.

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