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    Barbara Gillespie

    LPOIC Board Meeting 10-25-23

    Attending: Dale Greene, Dave Gillespie, Barb Gillespie, Christine Sandahl, Carter Sandahl, Nancy Spence and Mark Townsend.

    Correspondence: PO Box bill

    Minutes: emailed

    Mack of the Month: Brad Shelton won September 13.20 lbs. Peter Comstock leads October 8.50 lbs. 27 inch.

    Treasurer’s Report: Nancy is getting settled in. Report on file. Moved CD to higher 4.41% yield. $60,827.58 total.

    Membership Update: 271 as of 10-25-23.

    Still need a replacement weighmaster for Garfield. Should be thinking about a permanent weigh station for Garfield Bay.
    Fall Newsletter is here to be distributed tonight.
    Captn’s Table Derby is October 28 and 29.
    2024 Derby Applications. Dave and Barb will send them to Boise in time. December 1st.
    Formation of a Sponsorship Committee/Auction Committee. This needs to be set up, need help.
    Hand out Derby Packets and F & G Logbooks and discuss what’s in them. Talk to the ticket outlet personnel about the reason for the entry fee raise and the importance of the Logbooks.
    Any other Business.

    Next Members Meeting 11-8-23 6:00PM at WLDC (Dale G gone)
    Next Board meeting skipped because of Derby but will meet 11-29-23 at the Center to finalize Derby results.

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