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    Barbara Gillespie

    LPOIC Board Meeting 10-25-17

    Attending:Clint Nicholson, Dave Ivy, Gale Belgarde Sr., Scott Chamberlain, James Mullen, Dale Greene, Dave Gillespie, Barb Gillespie, Kevin Elmore and Kevin DaVault.

    Correspondence: Recent agreement with F&G and NI Marine & Electronics on Derby.

    Minutes of 9-27-17 Board Meeting: Read by Dale G. and accepted.

    Mack of the Month: Presently Dale G. leading with 11.06#.

    Treasurer’s Report: Dave G. reports $43,285.25 checking, $6,182.70 record fund and $2,120.03 in egg fund.

    New Board Member: Both Dale Snipes and Steve Klappenbach are often unable to attend Board Meetings. Grant Hillen has volunteered to serve until next election and possibly run for a full term then. General support expressed. Clint N. made a motion that Grant H. be appointed to the Board until next election. Dave G. 2nd. Passed unanimously.Pres. Barb G. appointed.
    Discussion on James M. continuing on Board. Yes.

    Fall Derby
    A long discussion among LPOIC Board Members present this evening took place regarding the Fall Derby with no objections to the Straw Poll taken Monday 10-23-17 in which it was decided unanimously to move forward with the Fall Derby.
    Mall scheduled for Awards Ceremony. MUST have help with tables and chairs! Trophies and Medallions ordered, red this time.
    Mack of the Day Sponsors: Mirror Lake Golf Course, Sandpoint Marine and Motorsport, Pierce Auto, Dr. Hull and who else? R&R Logging, Elite Tire, Pacific Steel,Oxarc?
    Ralph’s Coffee House sponsors Photo Contest,
    Order Fish Bags- Dave G. Also need a stamp made to identify our bags. Scales could use a correct method to weigh label also.
    Odie’s will close for season 11-15-17. Have to pick up both scales by then and decide where to put 60# one, Captn’s Table?
    Clint N. will order half sheet cake for Awards.
    Freezer to Holiday Shores for Derby and back to storage after Awards-James M. Kevin E. and James M. researching larger freezer.
    Fish Verification: Discuss where to do, undecided.
    Distribute Packets and Posters.
    Discuss Radio Derby Announcements: Release Cutthroat and Bull trout must be said more often. Getting fish to freezers on time and intact, Photo Contest, Awards Ceremony. Thanking all the weigh stations and ticket outlets. Changes that are taking place during this Derby: challenge derby, 31” minimum RB adult and junior and added Mack division for Juniors.

    Members with Storage shed key:Dale G., Clint N., Dave I., James M., Kevin D., Dave G.

    Members with PO Box key: Dale G. and Barb G.

    Open Discussion: Clint N. would like LPOIC to donate items for Halloween Derby and Octoberfish Auctions, general support. Possibly encourage kids to catch and release by giving away LPOIC marked yardsticks and having Kids Divisions take pictures of fish on yardsticks and release.

    Calvin Nolan requested that Clint N. pass along his opinion he would prefer a Modified Challenge with a second fish. He prefers an unlimited rod fishery and LPOIC shouldn’t push to limit rods

    Conflicting Derby MUST have own weigh slips, own scales and LPOIC Derby ticket before weighing in their Derby (According to “their” derby rules).

    Questions from anglers about their Derby will be directed to Calvin Nolan.

    Next Members Meeting 11-8-17 at 6:30 PM Connie’s Cafe. Vote on Pin design for next Springs Derby Auction.

    Next Board Meeting could be 11-29-17. If not, won’t be until 1-24-18. 6:30 PM Connie’s Cafe.

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