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    Barbara Gillespie

    LPOIC Members Meeting 10-12-16

    Attending: Dale Greene, Barb Gillespie, Dave Gillespie, Clint Nicholson, Larry Quaintance, Kevin Elmore, Cory LaRue, Dave Ivy, James Mullen, Andy Dux, Matt Corsi and Nick Wahl.

    Special Speaker- Andy Dux, Matt Corsi and Nick Wahl of Idaho Department of Fish and Game
      Andy thanked Club for help cleaning up Sullivan Springs channel for spawners.
      Andy discussed new Angler Logs, handed out a few, length most critical and if you start a day, complete it!
      Fin ray collection starting up. Make sure fin rays get dried, Some ended up in Zip Loc Bags and rotted, use the kits!
      Kokanee Survey looks really good on adults- numbers,health and weight.
      Bayview gravel beds started last year were definitely used and will be finished this year.
      F&G handed out four charts on relationship between Patch fish,Kokanee and Rainbow stocking,
      Club expressed its’ disagreement on fish stocking, fishing tributaries and catch and release mortality.
      F&G planning on more monitoring of tributaries to compare with historical records.Think they have some from 1990’s, mostly from 2000’s though.

    Correspondence: None.

    Minutes for Members Meeting for 9-14-2016; Read by Dale G. and accepted with two corrections.

    Mack of the Month for September and so far for October: September Doug Sheldon 18.50# 36” MOD Winner. None for October so far.

    Ongoing Projects in Consideration:If interested in helping with any of these projects, please contact a Board Member.
      What to do at the hatchery:
         Purchase a pump for cleaning out the raceways or find someone to donate one to the Club. What other things to do at hatchery? How to get more people to help one day a year with the cleanup.
      LPOIC Stance on Fishery Recovery.
      Possible New Derby for next year:
         Largest Pike, Walleye, Mack and largest aggregate for each species.
         Possibly call it “Dam to Dam Derby”.
         Contest to name Derby?
         Time of Year- Late May, Early June?
      Door Prizes for each of our Member’s Events starting 2017
         Possible Events: Annual Pin Auction, Each Awards Ceremony, Picnic, Hatchery Cleanup, Each Members Meeting
         Dollar amount of Door Prizes and how many per event.

    LPOIC Fall Derby
      11-19-16 through 11-23-16, Thanksgiving Day no Derby, 11-25-16 through 11-27-16.
         Packets should be out around November 1, 2016 along with Fall Newsletters.
         We need Mack of the Day donations for eight days of fishing.
            Mirror Lake Golf Course
            Sandpoint Marine
            Pierce Auto So Far
         Derby ends at 4:00PM on 11-27-16. Anglers must be in line to weigh fish. Be sure to find out what your weigh station hours are during the Derby.
         Anyone interested in helping out with the Derby contact a Board Member.
         Clint N. sending thanks to F&G Crew for the presentation. Says we will have 1000 Newsletters to distribute.

      Tackle Share
         Kevin Elmore $32.50 for five 2Gills Flies.

      Next Members Meeting 11-9-16 Connie’s 6:30 PM, Vote on Pin Design for Auction held in April- Bring your designs and make some money.

      Next Board Meeting 10-26-16 Connie’s 6:30 PM.

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