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    Barbara Gillespie

    LPOIC Board Meeting 1-25-23 WLDC

    Attending: Dale Greene, Nancy Spence, Christine Sandahl, Dave Gillespie and Barb Gillespie.

    Correspondence: Memberships. Thank you from Bonner County Food Bank for the $148 donation. Discussion and agreement to match future donations to the Food Bank.

    Mack of the Month: December Bert Dennett 8.10#. January Dale Greene 6.60# 27” so far.

    Treasurer’s Report: $70,959.19

    Officers and Board of Directors Elections and Appointments at February 8 Members Meeting.

    Kill Report for 2022 MOM Delivered

    Derby Permits look good.

    Lost shipped Fall Derby Prize Box replaced.

    Membership database problem, Website and PayPal problem looked into by Nancy Spence. Actively looking into a host more responsive to LPOIC needs.

    Sending a Constant Contact Questionnaire to Members for opinion on in person Auction and in person Awards Ceremony. If yes, willingness to assist.

    Weigh Station Hour Discussion for Spring Derby: Agreed to try alternating Garfield and both ends hours. 9 hours all but 9am to 6pm or 10am to 7pm each day. If Garfield is 9-6 then Holiday and McDonalds are 10-7 and vice versa.

    Swapping small scale for 100# at Holiday until the big one is tested and calibrated. Dale G.

    Christine Sandahl brought a color example of the Spring Derby that their graphic designer son prepped. That and appropriate printed info with a stand for the ticket outlets that Carter Sandahl had come up with. To be looked into further.

    Pins are ordered.

    Time to get going on the Spring Newsletter.

    Received $100 from Roger Blackstone towards a Catch and Release Bonus.

    Nancy Spence proposed starting each year with $2000 from LPOIC as Scholarship seed money. Adding the year’s donations. Hopefully offering scholarships to a couple other nearby school districts and directly to LPOIC members’ relatives.General agreement. Not much time this year to finalize.

    Discussion on enhancing the Food Bank Donation to be looked into.

    Next Members Meeting 2-8-23 WLDC 6:00pm
    Next Board Meeting 2-22-23 WLDC 6:00pm

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