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    Barbara Gillespie

    LPOIC Board Meeting 1-25-17

    Attending: Dale Greene, Barb Gillespie, Dave Gillespie, Kevin DaVault, James Mullen and Kevin Elmore.

    Correspondence: Renewals are still coming in by mail and online. Riley Creek Bonner County Water Festival for 5th graders is looking for sponsors. Barb G. proposed raising our usual $200 donation to $500. Kevin E. 1st, Dave G. 2nd and passed unanimously, sending $500.

    Mack of the Month: Dale G. reports no weigh ins, North end iced in.

    Treasurer’s Report: Dave G. $31,331.03 banked and probably $1000 in Pay Pal.

    Old Business
      Pin Update- Ordered
      Members announced 1-11-17 that are eligible for nomination as Officer and Board Member also listed on website as mandated by Club by-laws: Dale Greene, Barb Gillespie, Dave Gillespie, Kevin Elmore, Dave Ivy, James Mullen, Clint Nicholson, Kevin DaVault, Steve Klappenbach, Gale Belgarde Sr. and Elton Dawson.

    New Business
         Ads for newsletters- Full page ad= $500 per issue, Half page ad=$250 per issue, ⅙ page ad= $90 per issue.
            New ad size and price voted in 1-11-17 of Business Card Ad= $30 per issue.
            Annual price all sizes 3 for price of 2 if paid by March 15.
         Deadlines for newsletter:
            Articles to Ryan R. by March 1st (committed to doing Spring Newsletter)(Look for help)
            Newsletter to Keokee by March 15th.
            Newsletters and Posters out by April 1st or before. Same number as last year.
            Obituaries for Pete Kleindienst, Ed Dixon and Cory Middah? James M.
      Renewal of Junior Division for Spring and Fall Derbies: Kevin Elmore motion to renew this year, Kevin DaVault 2nd, passed unanimously.
      Ryan R. will attend Clark Fork Management Committee.
      Reorder of Club apparel- Hats, kids shirts,70th anniversary? Dave I. not here, next meeting.
      Gun/ Horn Show at Bonner County Fairgrounds 3/3,4,5/2017. Look into display.
      Big Horn Spokane: Not this year.
      Lakes Commission Meeting 1-27-17 @ Columbia Bank 9:00 AM to Noon. Invasive Species and Lake Level update.
      2017 Pin Auction-James Mullen in charge of Auction. Held 4-28-17 at 6:30 PM
         Need to start collecting items for Auction: need business name and address, contact person,item donated and value of donation.
         Barb G. contacted Sonia Brisboy regarding leasing Elks room for the evening.
         Ross Milliken’s 19 foot Hewes is for sale, really low hours, Yamaha 115 and 9.9, talk to Ryan.
      2017 Spring Derby
         Mack of the Day Sponsors-$150 each- need 9 total
         1.  Mirror Lake Golf Course
         2.Sandpoint Marine
         3.Pacific Steel
         4.Dr. Hull
         German Brown Sponsor-$150 (Lana Kay?)
         Photo Contest Sponsor- $100 (Seagull?)
         Quitting Time- Sunday last day, Kevin E. motion 6:00 PM, 2nd Dave G.-For Dale G. Kevin E. Dave G.-Nay James M.- Kevin DaV.abstained
         Prize Package/Poster
            Dave G. proposed $50 entry fee, raise payout on Rainbow first three places- 1st $2500 now $4000- 2nd $1500 now $2500- 3rd $1000 now $1500- 4rth still $750- 5th still $500.
            Dave G. proposed Adult Division Rainbow only, 28” minimum length.
            Both unanimous, bitching to follow.

    Next Members Meeting 2-8-17 Connie’s 6:30 PM

    Next Board Meeting 2-22-17 at Connie’s 6:30 PM (Barb G. and Dave G. not attending)

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