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    Barbara Gillespie

    LPOIC Board Meeting 1-23-19

    Attending:Dale Greene, Grant Hillen, Barb Gillespie, Dave Gillespie, Tom Mehler, Kevin DaVault, Larry Eng, Kevin Elmore and Will Crook.

    Grant Hillen moderated Meeting.

    Minutes from last Board Meeting 11-28-18 is posted on LPOIC website.

    Treasurer’s Report: Will Crook supplied detailed print out. Net balance $71,642, $56,297 net balance last year.Will proposed changing from Quick Books to XERO accounting program, no argument against from Board. Sales tax about to be filed.

    Membership Update: No numbers.

    Mack of the Month January: Scott Plue 19.10#.

    Auction model? Silent auction or standard or professional auctioneer? Maybe auctioneer from Halloween Derby? Talk to Gary at Captn’s Table. First of all check with James to see if he wants to continue.

    Freezer at Holiday Shores: Dale G. will take to Storage.

    Scale re-certification and calibration. Dale G. swap Holiday Shores. Kevin DaV. will do Garfield Bay.

    Newsletter: Dave and Barb G. trying to contact Editor Corinne. Info to Corinne by Feb. 25. Her to Printer by March 11. From Printer by March 27 Board Meeting to distribute with packets.

    Mike Howard: Litigation final. Settlement explained.

    Spring Derby: Dates: 4-27-19 through 5-5-19.

    Auction Site? Elks. Tom Mehler calling Sonia to arrange for 4-26-19. More fruit!

    Awards Ceremony: Bonner Mall. Barb calling Betty to confirm.

    Derby Format, Posters and Prizes: All agreed same prize package, up from 31” to 32” minimum length for adult Rainbow and down from 31” to 28” minimum for Junior Class. Will C. made motion, Kevin E. 2nd to continue with a Junior Division. Unanimous.

    New Business:

    Barb G. motion, Kevin E. 2nd – LPOIC to cover Will C. expenses on filing taxes and 1099’s at 20% less than his normal rate. Unanimous vote.

    Barb G. – By-Laws updated and ready to present to general members.

    Tom Mehler Walleye Presentation: Start thinking about walleye tournament about June 21,22 and 23. Looking for $5000 sponsor. Aggregate 1st through 3rd weights dead. Also largest caught? Member’s Bonus? Catch Seminars before?

    Next Members Meeting 2-13-19 at Jalapeno’s at 6:30 PM.

    Next Board Meeting 2-27-19 at Jalapeno’s at 6:30 PM

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