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    Barbara Gillespie

    LPOIC Board Meeting 1-22-20

    Attending: Dale Greene, Gale Belgarde Sr., Grant Hillen, Kevin Elmore, Dave Gillespie, Barb Gillespie, Donny Endicott and Will Crook.

    Moderator: Grant Hillen

    Correspondence: Request from Bonner County Conservation District for support for annual Water Festival for 5th graders. Dave G. made a motion to donate $500, the same as the last few years. Seconded by Grant H. Unanimous support.

    Mack of the Month: At this time, Dale Greene 5.16# 24” January. Finally was Jeff Baugh 20.34# 37””

    Treasurer: Record on file. Ending cash- $49,991. Ending CDs- $30,000.

    Spring Derby:

    Prize Package discussed and set. Dates set. Same money, 10th Mack up to $500. Corporate Member bonus of $150 in both Mack and Rainbow.

    Talked about offering Scholarship consideration to Junior Division anglers.

    Junior numbers down some. Will C. Proposed continuing Division, Kevin E. 2nd. Discussion. Unanimous for another year.

    Scale discussion: Will C. proposed, Dale G. 2nd – purchase three 0–100# Cardinal digital scales to cover the North, Middle and South end of the lake. In part as insurance for Rainbows over 30#. Near $700 apiece online. Long discussion. All ended up supporting.

    Pin Update: Accepted design. Ordering 1–100 plus special order numbers.

    Elk’s Auction site: Will C. and Dale G.

    Auction, Sponsors and Donations: Get out looking for donations. Try to find a quiet room to settle up auction items. Looking into Rick as the auctioneer.

    Newsletter will be Dave and Barb G. Everything to them by 3-1-20.

    Website: Will C. discussing with Keokee, getting along. Shrink and modify the present site to make it easier to update. Expand the use of Paypal.

    Mark Bove Walleye/ Pike Seminar 2-12-20 at Bonner County Fairgrounds. Mark Bove is donating Walleye lures and Frisky Jenny is donating items to be auctioned off, proceeds to Scholarship Fund. Members are encouraged to bring auction items also.

    Some discussion about jigging/ snagging, legality and place on form.

    Dave G. attended the WARTAC meeting. Getting tougher to get and justify Avista money for Macks in our Derbies.

    Next Members Meeting 2-12-20 at Bonner County Fairgrounds at 6:30pm (with Seminar)

    Next Board Meeting 2-26-20 at Jalapeno’s at 6:30 PM.

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