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    Barbara Gillespie

    LPOIC Board Meeting 6-22-16

    Attending: Dale Greene, Barb Gillespie, Dave Gillespie, Stephen Klappenbach, James Mullen and Kevin Elmore.

    Correspondence: Ballots.

    Minutes of 5-25-16: Read by Dale G. and accepted.

    Mack of the Month: May Dale Greene 17.0# , June Dale G. 13.4# so far.

    Old Business:

    Get pictures and articles to Ryan by 7-6-16.

    Obituaries for Hobart Jenkins, Chuck Waller and Roger Kilmer. To James M.

    Annual Picnic 7-16-16.

    Hatchery Work Day 8-13-16.

    Members Only Derby 9-17 and 9-18 of 2016.

    Discussed Prize Package, Steve K. proposed, Dave G. 2nd same as last year on all.Passed.

    Decided all Memberships BEFORE MOD, BY Midnight Friday 16th!

    No answer on Sullivan Springs clean up date yet.

    Any written thoughts on questionnaire to be sent out to Members regarding Club’s Official

    Stance on river fishing, barbed hooks, stocking and so on?

    New Business:Club Stance discussion

    Steve K. :Should push rivers and tribs closed during spawning, open Memorial Day, barbless, no bait. Says Fredericks claims no difference in barbed mortality.

    Our outlook should be that F&G should replace fish lost to river fishing mortality. Two fish lost. 8,000 eggs, for example.We need a census on how many are fishing the rivers,

    We want census on how many are fishing spawners? Legally? How much morality?

    If F&G can’t supply Hatchery space for Gerards, CLOSE the natural Hatcheries(rivers).

    May have talked Steve K. into working on local advertising for Derbies.(ad prices, research)

    Next Members Meeting 7-13-16 at Connie’s at 6:30.
    Next Board Meeting 7-27-16 at Connie’s at 6:30.

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