Lonely Winter Fishing

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    Front Rudder

    Nobody has posted anything forever, so I thought I’d give a little report. The water level is up over a foot recently, so the North end is pretty well covered in weeds and sticks. Have only caught a few under 16″ Rainbows on top and a couple 20 to 22″ down 100 to 120 on dodger Apex combos.Black flies or Apexes mostly on top, couple red whites. Mack fishing has been spotty, with most on the Shelf coming on U20 flatfish down 65 to 85 feet. Skunk, chrome perch and black speckled with chartreuse sting tail all worked. One near 10 pounds on chrome perch and one near 12 pounds on a skunk. More but much smaller fish came on glow or UV Pro King spoons, in behind Warren and over toward the winter hole, mostly 85 to 125 feet down. They’re really hard to keep track of though, I’ve been skunked a couple times.

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